Have To Change Gyms.....what Now?

Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by Luke matthews, Mar 4, 2018.

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    I agree with Blade, you really don't need to rush it.

    Along that line, Lyle posted an article a while back talking about how much muscle you can realistically expect to gain per month: basically comes down to maybe a pound of muscle a month at most. And to minimize fat gain so that you are only gaining enough to put on that amount per month means a relatively minuscule calorie surplus. This can really be as little as just adding a protein shake to your day on top of your normal diet, assuming you are eating at maintenance normally.
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    Ok, I get that. And I think it’s a good article. I also think you guys are the experts and I value your advice as I have struggled to achieve much in the past in terms of muscle gain.

    My question is then, why is it recommended to consume 500-600 calorie surplus per day in the Eating For Size section on the web site and ebook?

    I also consider myself to be a beginner lifter although I have been working out for 5 years. Basically, for the first 41/2 years I “re-composed” my body. What I mean is, that through ignorance, I ended up building a little bit of muscle but shed a lot of fat. Not that I was obese or anything, I went from probably 20% bf (guessing) to around 10-12% bf.

    It’s only recently that I got the gist and started a proper hst program and got my nutrition right. I am now working on 500 daily surplus and gaining weight (some fat obviously). I am hoping that this is the answer. I believe that I am a hard gainer and don’t build muscle easily, a gift from my parents. So, in conclusion, I’m thinking that I need the extra calories to build muscle, but very interested in what you guys think and know from experience ( please keep in mind that building muscle seems to be very difficult for me ( I have small bones and short muscle bellies)).
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    I would not consider you a beginner after training for 5 years particularly if your training was consistent.

    If building muscle is hard for you then eating to gain 1 lb a week could well result in significantly more fat gain than muscle which will only result in longer periods of dieting to shed the fat, I personally aim for 0.2-0.25 lbs per week.

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