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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by MuscleQuest, May 4, 2011.

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    I've been sick for half a year so I've fallen off the gym bandwagon. This is my first post and I'm quite confused on some of the things presented on the website. There are a TON of scientific words that I'm just not familiar with, so bear with me please!

    Week 1:
    Squats - 2x15
    Stiff Leg Deadlifts - 1x15
    Incline Bench - 2x15
    Dips - 2x15
    Chin ups - 2x15
    Rows- 1x15
    Bicep curls - 2x15
    Tri extensions - 2x15
    Calf Raises - 2x15
    Military Press - 2x15
    Lateral Raise - 2x15

    I think I'm going to split my lower and upper body workouts into alternating days. Once I get addicted to going to the gym again I don't think I can manage a day off.

    I have not yet figured out my maxes for each rep, however. I'm very confused on that part. I think I can only manage 30lbs if I'm doing 15 reps of bicep curls. So for my 15 week cycle, would I really have to start at 5 lbs and work up to 30 for the final sets? 5 lbs just doesn't sound too productive to me.

    Also, when I work down to 5 reps for each set in my 5th and 6th weeks, I keep the set amount the same, as well? I know the site says that I will be working a bit below my max efficacy at some points, but sometimes it seems i'll be working with weights that are too easy.

    Thanks for your help!
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    If 30 lbs is your 15 rep max you just use it to determine weights for the two weeks of 15s, not all 6 weeks. The third and fourth week is based on your 10 rep max, the fifth and sixth on your 5 rep max. For your 15s it is perfectly acceptable to use 20 lbs for 2 workouts, 25 lbs for the next two, then 30 for your final two. Problem solved! :)

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