Heading Back To Hst, Feedback Appreciated

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    If you follow my training long you may have noticed my year end lifts didn't go as planned. There were a few circumstances that lead to this but what it comes down to is I want to move back to a program that doesn't constantly have high intensities, work on some of my beauty muscles and take some time to build up my overall muscle mass. I think I will stick with HST until about January and then reconsider doing some powerlifting routines at that point.

    As far as progression it's the pretty standard progression from 75% to 100% of a rep range over 6 workouts (two weeks). To help a little with the intensities I based the progression off a training max (90% of my actual max). Since I haven't done high reps in a while I don't have my exact maxes for each rep range so I extrapolated them based on my past experience with my strength/endurance curve. For the rep ranges I setup 15s, 10s, 5s, and 2s.

    For my diet, I will probably lose some weight within the immediate week since I have been dreamers bulking for the last two weeks. Now I am will be eating more at maintenance to a very minor surplus. For the first cycle I am more concerned with just getting used to higher rep work and rehabbing using my single leg stuffs. The next cycle or two I will add in a realistic bulk.

    For lower body I am thinking of doing an A/B split with back squat and sumo deadlift. The goal here is to give my conventional a break and work on some single leg work to improve my some imbalances I have built up. The number of sets/weight for the single leg activity will be fluid and according to the day. On squat day I will probably do bulgarian split squats or lunges. On sumo day I will be doing something like a bulgarian split conventional deadlift, I don't know if that's a thing but it feels good when I do it.

    For upper body I plan on doing Incline Bench and Bent Over Rows. With my focus on flat bench my lower pec is becoming substantially more developed than my upper pec so I want to take some time to normalize that. I was hoping to super set Incline Bench and Bent Over Rows mainly to save time (not sure why I didn't put them next to each other in the spreadsheet). I won't be timing my rest times so if I get the heart rate up too high or too much fatigue sets in I can slow down.

    I added Standing OHP, I want to increase shoulder development and the amount of over head work I am doing however I don't have the mobility to do Overhead Squats, Klokov press and I don't have the skill for Clean and Jerk or Snatch (yet). I figured this would be a good lift until I can regularly complete some other over head work. If doing this every workout with Incline Bench would be too much for my shoulder I wouldn't be opposed to doing an A/B with OHP and Incline Bench.

    Finally for some accessory lifts, in the past, I've had some good results doing something I call "Thirties". Here you grab a barbell and start doing 30 reps of your first lift then move to the next with as little rest as possible. Since it is a light weight you can get a lot of higher fatigued reps, at pretty low risk and you can make it through multiple lifts within a couple of minutes. I was going to do a single round going from calves, standing curls, standing overhead tricep extensions and then shrugs. EDIT: Once you achieve the 30reps for all the lifts you go up in weight.

    Anyways that is my plan, feedback would be greatly appreciated. I will probably start on Monday.

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  2. mickc1965

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    All I can say is welcome back to HST and enjoy the 15s!!!!!!!
  3. Rescue##19

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    Seems like a good plan to get back into the HST program..I particularly like the lifts you ha e chosen as well as the thirties. I myself have taken some time off for various reasons and I am looking to start my program again. I initially read most of the HST document and followed a template that in found on my android device. It worked quite well (10 months ago) but I wasn't too sure of the authenticity of the program and what lifts were better than others. Most programs I researched showed a split routine that included twice a day lifts. I am dedicated to setting time to train but there's no way that I can lift twice a day, so I was curious to know if you could recommend how to set up a spread sheet (identical to yours) but with my maxes? If you could just list the steps and what application to use I would greatly appreciate it. Or may you can suggest a website that would do so? Thank you
  4. adpowah

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    @mickc1965 thanks man, I'm looking forward the cardio work too :p
    @Rescue##19 I just made the spreadsheet myself. If you want a copy of this one I made a public google docs version here (let me know if it doesn't work for you):
    I like google docs because you can update and edit the spreadsheet on your phone while you work out (assuming you have an internet connection). However I believe there is a 3 workout per week plan in Totetanz's ebook that is likely superior unless you have similar circumstances to mine.
  5. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    I think it's very had to gauge the success or failure of your most recent cycles given the interupptions due to illness, and the RFL attempts.

    Definitely needs more back work in there - that's my other thought looking at the exercise list.
  6. adpowah

    adpowah Active Member

    @Jester Yeah circumstances really had their way with me. Regardless I want to give all-the-time high intensity training a break, even if just to rest my psyche. For back I can add in pull ups too unless you have another suggestion?
  7. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    I would do pull ups/chins for sure.
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