Help!!! (People that know Leeds, UK)

Discussion in 'Commercial Equipment' started by ian, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. ian

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    I'll keep this short and sweet.

    I've moved to Leeds and can't find any gyms.
    I'm from Liverpool where there are hundreds of gyms, Leeds must be similar but the few bodybuilders i've spoken to here train outside the city..... any ideas? I'm going mad up here!!!

    Please help me!!! Ideally i need a gym in headingley or in the town centre.

    I don't care whether the gym is a fitness centre or a hardcore gangster paradise, but i need somewhere with heavy dumb bells (thats over 40k)


  2. RUSS

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                       Good enough for Andy and crew... [​IMG]

    it's on Macauley Street (just down the road from Bodylines) in with a scrap yard/garage. Prices are £3 pay as you go, or, I think £30 a month (poss £25, can't remember). There's also a yearly option.
  3. Krieger

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    For a quick moment I thought that big Russ had returned. He seems to be months away from the forum, I hope he wasn't killed by a heavy barbell.
  4. quadancer

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