Home Gym - What Brand is best?


I mostly have a limited set of free weights containing two dumbbells and a barbell. This is what I have solely used to build my physique. My set up has worked really well.

Saying that, I am considering shelling out for one of those home-multi gyms. My wife reckons she will exercise more if we get one and I always like going heavy on the machines with there being much less chance of injury. I would not give up the free weights though.

Anyway, what are some brands I should look at? Some I have looked at so far are pathetic with regards to the weight stacks. We would need something with a fairly substantial weight stack.

Any opinions would be welcomed.

I'm not sold that there's a multi-station machine heavy enough for anyone who is in an 'intermediate' category/status.

I think you'd be better off buying a power rack with good safety bars. Probably cheaper to boot.
Thanks for getting back to me.

I would probably consider myself more of an advanced lifter. I am still hoping there is something out there that is reasonably decent?
Making something would be fun, but I need to have something that my wife will use...

I like the Powertec equipment, but if you look at the plates, they are Olympic plates. I would have to purchase all new plates.
Why wouldn't your wife use something home built?

Curious as I've just cleared my garage and am about to build my own rack with a cable system for me and the Mrs to use.
In the end I went with a Force USA smith machine (with cable set up and pec deck).

So far, I am very impressed. Just makes working out faster and safer...
You need to be careful with smith machines especially when squatting. Your body doesn't naturally move anything in a direct line as they move.
Thanks... I did hear about knees on smith machines. Is this the main thing? I really enjoy bench pressing and shoulder pressing on the smith machine. I am not going super heavy weights anymore.

There is a rack at the front of the smith machine that I can always place a barbell, or I can always go back to hack squats.