How much protein do you need to take to stay

Discussion in 'General Training' started by Ruhl, Aug 17, 2005.

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    I have read that you need at least 0.8g protein per pound of fat free mass in order to grow at your fastest. I have also read that you need protein to prevent injuries from occuring. I would like to know how much protein do you need to take to stay injury free?
  2. Fausto

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    I never thought that there was such a close connection, basically the way I see it, you take protein at the right amount 0.8 - 1 g per pound bodyweight and your muscles grow enabling you to progressively take on more weight.

    Staying injury free although it may depend on this, it has a lot more to do with proper form, and reasonable regard for safety, also a bit of knowledge of how to warm up properly and how to tweak programmes when the weight gets rather heavy (so come the partials/drop sets/reduction of ROM at very heavy poundages) all to do with keeping things safe at heavy poundages.

    Even the pro's like Kleine, know where is the red line, so they stop the poundage at a safety margin!

    My take, ther could be others, let's wait and see.... [​IMG]
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    That relationship is strange for me also . Where did you here this? Perhaps the main idea behind this is that by increasing your muscle mass your muscles are able to provide more support to joints etc... [​IMG]
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    maybe because if you dont have enough protein there is nothing to repair the muscle...but for injurys i would have thought glucosamine or fish oils for the joints would be better.

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