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    I know strength is mostly neurological BUT there is a limit to neuro gains. The light powerlifters cannot lift as much as the heaviest. Most models establish that neuro gains last ~2 years. So what do you do after thoses 2-3 years, when you reach a 'plateau' ? You have to grow bigger.

    It's why I believe that HST in a sense is also SST for people aiming for maximum strength and not only a certain degre of strength for a specific bodyweight.
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    where did you read neuro gains only last 2 yrs? sounds interesting ! :)
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    that seems like some shoddy logic... 2 years? seems like a pretty objective time. Wouldn't it depend on your genetics, diet, method of training, experience, and a boatload of other factors?
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    Neurological gains do NOT last anywhere near two years really, not at maximal strength level
  5. I believe there are some reports that hypertrophy is the most important factor in strength development in the first 2 years of training. After that, it's mostly about increasing neural efficiency.
    There is an article on bodybuilding.com about the strength deficit, which is the difference btwn the force your muscles can produce and what they are producing. basically the article says that if your maximal voluntary strength is near your absolute involuntary strength, getting bigger is the way to go. if your voluntary strength is not near you max output, then more neural adaption is best for the time.
    So how do you know what your absolute involuntary strength is? Well, you can hook up electrodes and shock yourself, but an easier way is a simple test. Your absolute concentric strength is about your voluntary eccentric strength.
    For more info on the strength deficit and testing it, here's the article. Strength Deficit
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    While I like Kelly, i dont believe statements like this are true

    Neuroliogical gains and hypertrophy gains happen from the first workout, but the ability to seperate nad measure them is a different story. It was often thought the initial gains from weight training were all neural, because there was no significant differnece in weight for a couple of weeks or so. But this is because the absolute changes of lbm are small, and detecting a measureable difference in the usual small subject number studies is too low to detect anything small.. but after 2-4 weeks there is enough gain to be measureable.

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