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Discussion in 'General Training' started by Jester, Nov 17, 2005.

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    These are topics that people feel have helped them and/or are worth keeping and making it know they're here.

    Many/most of them are the result of someone asking a question . . . ┬áso if you have a specific question check here to see if it's been answered before. Not only does this help save time (and going through the hundreds of answers from the search function [​IMG]) . . . but some of the answers may be from members who are not so frequent anymore and hence may not reply again.

    If you have a link you'd like to add, please feel free and do so :)

    Hopefully this takes off, here are some of the topics that I've found especially useful and have bookmarked:

    HST E-Book listing

    EXRX - everyone should bookmark this

    Clustering and some other qu's explained

    Skullcrushers, courtesy of Kate

    Big biceps . . .it's simple and painful, the Vicious way

    Nutritional info links

    Pre-W/O drinks

    More nutritional help - protein, carb and fat content etc

    The HST E-Books

    Animal Mass' 5x5, Dual Factor, Strength Training

    Frequency - dealing with 3x, 6x and the reasons for high frequency

    Heavy HST - if you like to lift heavy and want to know why it's more productive than the lighter ranges

    What to do if you have only have time for a 3-4 week cycle

    Detailed explanation of how to set up your HST for the first time

    Next please . . .
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    Not to take up space in here, but excellent work, this is more or less what we wanted anyways. [​IMG]

    Maybe a should start adding some articles I have saved up in the last three years, those can also be useful.

    Here's a link that I found useful too:
    Cracking the Rotator Cuff Conumdrum

    And a surprise for those who like abs - real torture, the australia way, I have used it some and it works, just don't know about keeping the whole 49 weeks I find HST a bit more rewarding [​IMG]

    But hey...to include some of these variations in your ab training should be a must IMO [​IMG]
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    Bump......sticky please? :)
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    That thread had a good discussion of Sisco's books... I spent almost the first half of this year employing his Power Factor training until HST rescued me.
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  13. I do not have the ability to sticky, nor do I think I would, not that I am being an a$$, but if the thread ONLY dealt with HST principles and questions pertaining to HST principles then perhaps I would recommend it but as it stands it's becoming a grap bag of a multitude of items and some are not involving HST. In the end though it's Bryan's call not mine.

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    None of these links are working for me [​IMG] Keeps sayin error.
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    Yeah, all the old HST thread links we put up aren't working??

    Maybe it has something to do with the new forum layout.
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    these links look really interesting, but I cant get any to work.

    Please sort this out as I am dying to read them....
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    Same, I really want to read them [​IMG]
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    Me, too, please, please, please!
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    Can anything be done to rescue any of these links? Or are they all gone since everything got changed up... [​IMG]
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    Yeah, I can't get them to work by changing the urls... Someone could dig up each of those topics manually and repost them though.

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