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Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by EctoSquat, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. hst_spain

    hst_spain New Member

    What I do:

    Bench Press
    Seated Cable Rows
    Cable Crossover
    T-Bar Rows
    Leg Extensions
    Leg Curls
    Calf Raises
    Ab Crunch Machine
    Dip Machine
    Machine Preacher Curls

    I follow the M/W/F sheme
    I do 20 reps for each exercise, during the whole cycle ,
    and do as many sets as necessary to reach the 20 reps
    I never go to failure
    For big exercises I add 10lbs every workout
    For small exercises I add 5lbs every workout
  2. EctoSquat

    EctoSquat New Member

  3. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Deadlifts-A, Leg press-B x2
    Incline flies-A, Weighted Dips-B x2
    W. Grip Pulldown-A, Seated Row-B x2
    Leg ext'n x1
    Leg curl x1
    D.bell shoulder press x1
    Lat raise x1
    Rear raise x1
    Shrug x1
    Incline Hammer curl x1
    Tri bench dip x1 - using the Assisted Dip/Chin machine, pushdown on the 'help platform' to raise the stack. Should prob. be lying tri ext'ns
    Calf raise x3

    6x Full body. Prob. going to swap the leg curls for SLDLs.
  4. Nemesis7884

    Nemesis7884 New Member

    5x full body a week

    workout is 60-90 minutes

    volume 100 total reps per week (20 per workout/muscle group)

    therefore 2x10, 4x5

    cadenz is 1/0/3

    i usually train 4 weeks of 10s and 4 weeks of 5s

    1 weeks of 10s normal
    during second and third weeks when weights get heavier i repeat weights twice
    then a week of 10rm...(maybe 2 weeks)
    then 2 weeks of 5 (repeat weights twice)
    and 2 weeks of 5rm with drop sets

    alternating schedule:

    leg curls (unilateral)
    calf raise (standing)
    shrugs (ez bar)
    lat pulldowns front (when i hit the 5s i change to chin ups)
    bench press (15 degree incline)
    shoulderpress front (ez bar)
    preacher curls
    lying triceps extensions

    leg curls (unilateral)
    calf raise (standing)
    shrugs (ez bar)
    bent-over supported incline rows (lever)
    weighted chest dips
    upright rows (sz bar)
    incline-bench curls (dumbells)
    triceps pushdowns

    for me this is pretty much perfect...it took 4 cycle to figure out what works for me best...
  5. Ok now that my life turmoil is done with, it's time to get back on track. I've been very lax this last month, I think I've worked out maybe 4 times.

    So anyway here is my new routine (6th cycle) in a PDF. I still am working to a rep count instead of sets, and I work backward from my 5RM with no zig zag still, when doing this I end up with a start point of around my 12 RM. I repeat weights twice and workout 4 days per week aternating between predominantly isolation/stretch and larger compound movements. I use a 20 min stationary cycle warmup and the actual workout takes about 30 to 35 mins. As you can see from the weights I'm a wuss, sad but true, a 40 yr old, 157 lb. wuss [​IMG] . So critque away.
  6. Beatrix

    Beatrix Guest

    benc press
    arm work
  7. bodyguard

    bodyguard New Member

    my 17 cycle

    Its the first cycle that i train a 6 day workout

    Mon: press curl arm work
    Thursday: squat chin bench abs
    Wednesday: press dips arms work
    Thursday: chin bench
    Friday: squat armwork
    Saturday: chin press

    I enjoy this workout very much since 2 weeks of the 15ths.
  8. Tcup

    Tcup New Member

    Okey guys here`s my monster session

    Lever chest press
    Barbell Incline Bench Press
    Cable Close Grip Pulldown
    Barbell Bent-over Row
    Lever Shoulder Press
    Dumbbell Lateral Raise
    Dumbbell Seated Rear Lateral Raise
    Dumbbell Preacher Curl
    Cable Curl
    Cable Pushdown
    Dumbbell One Arm Triceps Extension
    Calf raise
    Lever Seated Crunch

    These i`ve done 2x15, 2X10, 2X5 and 5 max for additional two weeks

    I know thats this is much but i`ve managed to get some great results. However this session takes a lot of time and now i was planning to shorten it a little bit. (I realized that i have life outside the gym [​IMG] )

    Also i could try making it like 1x15`, 2x10` and 2x 5`s. What you think? Free feedback please...
  9. bodyguard

    bodyguard New Member

    hi Tcup,

    wow,thats indeed a monster workout :D
  10. first cycle and first post ;)

    3x full body

    incline db press
    Lat pulldown front
    leg curl
    shoulder press
    rear delts
    ez curls

    not in hst:

    hasta luego [​IMG]
  11. Spirit Crusher

    Spirit Crusher New Member

    Here is what I am thinking about doing after I finish up UD2.0...

    Day One
    Lying Leg Curl
    Incline DB Bench Press
    DB Lateral
    Lying Tricep Extension
    Curl Bar Curl
    Smith Machine Calf Raises

    Day Two
    Lying Leg Curl
    Bent Over Barbell Row
    DB Lateral
    Lying Tricep Extensions
    Curl Bar Curl
    Smith Machine Cal Raises
  12. Nemesis7884

    Nemesis7884 New Member

    dkm didnt know you are such a thin lady [​IMG]
  13. noobie

    noobie New Member

    Using a sorta a HST/POF setup.

    15s: trying to cut so going 6x a week.
    flat bench press
    behind the neck pull down
    barbell curls
    nautilus ab crunch
    lying extensions
    sitting dumbell press

    10s and 5s bulking 3x week training:
    Bench+dumbell flye
    Behind the neck pull down+close grip row
    barbell curls+incline curl
    nautilus ab crunch
    lying extensions+overhead ext with barbells
    siting dumbell press+lateral raise

    I might also be brining in some metabolic workouts during my 5s + post 5s if i feel my fatigue isn't too high. probably will be high since i have so many workouts.
    {leg curl, leg extension, nautilus pull over, bench burnset}-- with 15's weight pulse reps
  14. My first cycle: 2x15 2x10 1x10 2x5 1x5 continue 5rm with drops. Following the advice in FAQ's. Next cycle may change.

    Incline Bench on smith machine
    Hammer Strength seated rows
    Chin Ups
    Hammer Strength shoulder press
    Squats/Leg Press
    Curl Bar Curls
    Shrugs (smith machine behind the back)
    Standing Calf Raises on smith machine

    3x full body; may do a 6 day split during 5RM
  15. jtsisyoda

    jtsisyoda New Member

    My current plan, starting next week:


    Incline Bench (45 deg)
    Inc Rev Flyes w/ER (50 deg)
    Crunches x 2


    Lying Leg Raises x 2
    Calves x 2
    Front Squats x 2
    SBSLDL x 2

    I'm also considering doing Good Mornings every day since my back is pretty weak and needs extra work.


    On a separate note, I had a brainstorm just now for a quick (but complete?) 12x/week workout:

    Clean & Press
    Gorilla Chins
    Inc Bench

    That's it. Is that just crazy or could it work?
  16. OneMoreRep

    OneMoreRep New Member

    6 days a week

    Squat x 2
    Dips x 2
    Chins x 2
    Milatary Press x 2
  17. MicroBerto

    MicroBerto New Member

    Cycle 6 - Back to the basics, back to the main HST workout on the web page, 3x a week. A SLIGHT cutting cycle.

    It will then be interrupted for spring break (a mini SD), and then back to the beginning to do a real cycle 6.
  18. Norman

    Norman New Member

    Hammercurl (just one set)
    Rows (Dorian-style)

    Im doing this three times a week, and on "off-days" Im doing one set dips and one set hammer curl.

    In the 15s Im doing two sets on most of the exercises, three in the 10s, four in the 5s.

    Chest and biceps are my lagging bodypart, so Im trying to get them up this cycle.

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