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I'v been training HST for some time now and i think i've understad the most of it.
But today i ask my self, have i really grown that much? Nope.. not really(and i know that muscles arn't build over night.. ;o)
So what am i doing wrong?

This is how i have set up my program:

8 week cycle -- 12-8-5-5 -- with 8-12 day SD
I have three main exercise every week (M W F)

12 r 8 r 5 r

Bench Press 2 3 3
Incline Bench Press 2 2 2

Chins wide grip 2 2 2
Row wide grip 2 2 2

Squat 2 3 3
Calf raise 2 3 3

Bicep 1 1 1
Bicep Consentration 1 1 1

Lateral rais 2 3 3
rear delt 1 1 1

Tricep press on becnh 1 2 2
Tricep push down cabel 1 1 1

Torso Crunch machine 3 3 3

In exercises that uses several muscles(bench, chins, Squat..etc etc), i incremet 5 kg every training.
For the more isolating exercises i increment 2.5 - 1 kg.
I try to stay in focus and have contact with the muscle in every set.

I really want my biceps to grow, so i've decided to work them a litte extra. So i train them Tuesday and Thursday With the same weight as the day
before. Is this to much? I dont feel like i'm overtraining at all! And i read in a forum, that this could be a good way for growth.

I eat every three houre.. mostly.., trying to put in a lot of protein. I eat a small protein shake in the morning with breakfast.
One shake with prot/carb before training, one right after. I aslo use Creatin and Glutamin. When i go to bed i take ZMA.
So i think the diet should be, not perfect, but ok.

Can someone give me a clue of what i'm doing wrong. Is it to many set per exercise? To many exercises? Or do i only have to be more patient?

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Eat more. If you aren't gaining any weight at all, you aren't eating enough. Don't try to eat every three hours, instead just try to eat at least 500 over your maintenance level each day. Use the formula in the "Eating for Size" article.

If you were eating enough, you should be gaining weight (either muscle OR fat) no matter what.

If it is just totally impossible for you to add more food to your diet, then you need to start replacing some of your foods with other foods that are more calorie dense.

I'll try to eat more. Should'nt be a problem :)

Just hope that the rest of the training layout looks ok ...

Thanks again!

How long have you been working out for?

I lifted at 80% of my 1rm with a full body workout for 8 months and saw no gains at all. Then I found this site and started reading up on nutrition. Most people eat way under what they need and some of the calculators online are way off especially for people like me with super fast metabolisms. I started eating 3300 to 3900 calories a day (I counted every freaking one) and started HST. Within 6 weeks I went from 143lbs to 156lbs. I just weighed in at 160lbs and I'm on my 8th week. The main difference was definitely the amount I was eating. If your body doesnt have the resources ( 1kg of protein per lb of body weight, carbs, essential fats, vitamins, minerals) to build it won't. I also found that instead of burning fat when I was working out on a calorie deficit I was burning muscle instead (I lost 20lbs. The stomach fat was still there but my arms and legs shrunk). I believe it has to do with your your bodies response to being starved. It feels threatened and stores fat and then at the same time it breaks down that which consumes the most energy "muscle" to survive. I notice people want to panic when they see a small amount of fat start to gain on their stomach when they increase their intake. DON'T PANIC! This is just temporary and goes away (as long as you are still training consistently) once your body adapts. Eventually the muscles will start to show and the fat will burn off (6 months to 2 years of consistent traing). I'm still working on this myself. I think the correct amount to gain per week is no more than 3lbs.

I hope this gives you an idea of how important food can be in gaining mass. I really think this site should add a full nutrition regiment for people to look at. I know there is an article but it's sort of vague. If you want I could post mine if you are interested. It's consider clean eating.
its not getting fat if your bulking correctly, its gaining some excess fat along with muscle-- you can cut the fat out. Especially if he was a smallish person he'll be just fine.
Yeah im saying no more than 3lbs. Isn't optimal like 5-9lbs a month? I'm gaining really fast right now, but I just started. I mean yeah I'm gaining some fat, but its not dramatic or anything. I'm a really skinny guy, so I could use I think.
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Quote[/b] ]1kg of protein per lb of body weight
Holy crap - that's like 185,000 grams of protein a day for me... 740,000 kcals per day

hahahaha... I imagine you would be putting on some extra fat by doing 3lbs/week... I have gained .5 lb/week in this cycle, but lean mass gains were about 1.2 lb/week

kg. I know you know I meant g for grams. Could you imagine trying to eat just 1 kg of protein a day.