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  1. ok, im about to start my first HST cycle next week so i was plugging my numbers into the HST calculator. How much pounds should i increase if the weight is not that much to begin with. For example:

    For my side laterals, my 15rm is 25lbs. My 10rm is 35lbs. So i am ending with 25lbs for my first block but starting the next week for my first session for 10 reps with how much weight? Is it common to start the next rep block with a much lower weight that you ended with for the previous rep block?

    Is it ok to use 5lb incriments for smaller muscles or the isolation exercises?

    Another example is my dumbbell curls for 10rm's and 15rm's.
    My 10rm for dumbbell curls is 45lbs...and my 5rm is 55lbs. This means that on my final workout for my 10's i would be curling 45lbs. But the next week my first workout for my 5rm's i would be using only 5 lbs if i did the 10lb incriments.

    Please somebody help me out!!! What do i need to do? Im bummed because i thought i had this figured out! I know about zig zagging but isnt this too much to zig zag? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Go ahead and use the same weight twice. It is the overall difference from the starting weight (of the 15's) to the ending weight (end of 5's or Negs) that matter more. So either use the same weight twice or dived the number of increments you are working with between your starting weight and end weight for each RM group.

    Snippets from the FAQ on Zig Zag

    and from the Increment FAQ
  3. Ok what should i do in this situation? 10rm for incline dumbbell press are 90lbs. My first session for my 5rm i should be using 75lbs(according to my 5lb incriments because my 5rm is 100lbs). But i know that it will be easy to do the 75lbs 5x. Should i just stick to it or go a little heavier knowing that i can do 90lbs 10x. Or should i be doing the 90's? Sorry but i am still a little confused.
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    Use the 75 pounds for your first workout with a slower cadence than you would use when using your 90 pound rm.
  5. Or do 75 Lbs 2X, then 87.5 2X, then 100 2X. In the 75 Lb workouts do as O&G said or add more sets, TUT becomes more important when working with lighter weights you know you can handle easily.

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