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Discussion in 'General Training' started by imported_delichani, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. I posted this earlier, but didnt get much results or answers....

    Finished my 1st cycle doing Flat Bench and Dips (for chest excercises)
    Next cycle I think I would like to do Incline bench

    question : is incline bench going to make THAT much of a difference for upper pecs? (compared to flat bench)

    Could I use my flat bench maxes of last cycle for my incline bench for this cycle....(does that make sense?)

  2. Dood

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    Dips are considered to be the best at hitting the lower pecs, so the flat bench is somewhat unnecessary. Incline press will hit the upper pec more than the flat bench, just don't incline too much and turn it into a front delt exercise.
    I doubt you can use the same maxes as your flat bench, but you may be able to come close depending on how much you incline. More incline = less weight because the lower pec is a bigger muscle than the upper pec.
  3. Lance

    Lance New Member

    There was a post a long time ago ... something along the lines of clavicular debate or something, that discussed this.

    Came out, flat bench press hits the whole chest hard. Incline just hits the lower chest LESS hard. It was stated if you're starting to get 'droopy' chest muscles, then to go with incline to bring up your upper chest without stimulating your lower chest as much. But for overall chest development, between incline and flat, to stick with flat.

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