incline bench question


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crazy question, but I've been doing flat/decline bench but Im going to start doing flat/incline starting the second cycle. I dont know what angle I should set the bench at. I've read anywhere from 15 deg. to 45 deg..what do you guys use?
You might want to try out several angles to see what you are comfortable with. Without getting my giant protractor out LOL I would say I use approximately a 35 degree angle.

Joe G
Play around with the angle until you feel "in the groove" for the lift. Because of the angle change, length of the chair, height&angle of seat from the ground, you normally have to play around to find the right groove/angle to press @...just try to keep it as Bosox said, as low as possible.

The low angle is to prevent your anterior delts carrying any more of the load than they absolutely must.