Is it possible to stretch bone?

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    Any stretch done only seems to stretch the muscle and has absolutely no effect on the bone. For example, if I stretch my torso only my muscles get stretched but I remain the same height however my rip cage appears smaller. So, is there anyway to stretch bone or can you only stretch muscle?
  2. Yes medically
    No practically
    Doctors can stretch or actually increase bone length, usually done by inserting a tensioner into the bone. Then over time increasing tension in very small amounts. Kind of like braces on teeth, just different. Usually done with children who have bone growth defiency. My nephew went threw it for two and half years, can't remember the disease's name he had though.???

    I hear it is quite painful [​IMG]

    If you look at a tribe in Africa, I can't remember their name, they add rings around their necks to extend them, although not actually stretching the vertibra they do stretch the tendons and muscle which make their necks longer, but if they stop the active stretching it has been shown that their necks will return to normal.
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    That and it forces their shoulders down.

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