Is it safe to lower the dumbells further

Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by RotatorCuff, Mar 22, 2004.

  1. RotatorCuff

    RotatorCuff New Member

    Normally, I used to just lower to shoulder height. But I found if I lowered it below shoulder height I got more DOMS the next day and felt a great stretch. My only concern is whether I face an injury risk doing this. Also is it safe to below parallel in dumbell press? Again, great stretch.
  2. bourbonboy

    bourbonboy New Member

    Without being able to evaluate the rom in your shoulder, I would say no!
  3. Jake

    Jake New Member

    I think you have to go with your feel, but my bet would be No, especially as you get into heavier loads. Actually, I've been doing Arnolds the way you describe, but only during the first week of 15s- after that I can feel like I'm courting injury, so why take the risk. Be sure what you feel is DOMS and not something more serious!
  4. Kickboxer

    Kickboxer New Member

    Yep I agree on that one. Take it easy on the heavier loads. It's so easy to get injured if you over do it.

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