Is there a best time of day to take fish oil supplements


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I know that taking fish oil supplements is considered beneficial, but I was wondering if there is a best time to take them. The following study:

found growth hormone, insulin, and somatomedin C (IGF-1) levels were reduced by fish oil consumption. The reduction in these hormones was further attenuated by co-ingestion of vitamin E which is often included in fish oil preparations to prevent oxidation. This would suggest it is not a good idea to take fish oil before sleep or before training as HGH peaks during these activities and IGF-1 is an important factor in mammalian muscle hypertrophy as described in the research paper 'Different modes of hypertrophy in skeletal muscle fibers' here

This would suggest taking fish oil supplements upon waking to be the best time if you do not train early, otherwise an hour or two after morning training may be best. Have other forum members found there to be any effect upon the time they take their fish oil supplements on their training?
I may be misinformed but I don't believe there is an exact crucial time to take in fish oil. There are important times when you should be getting your protein and carbs such as before and after your workouts but I believe that fats are OK to just spread out throughout the day.