Is this gyno or just fat?

Discussion in 'General Training' started by Ruhl, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. Ruhl

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    Lately my chest has began sticking out a bit below the nipples. I have gained some fat, but have also been taking soy protein isolate and olanzapine (for schizophrenic symptoms) (both of which have some estrogenic effects). No steriods. I don't know whether the area sticking out below the nipples is fat or breast tissue. Is there a way of easily identifying which it is?
  2. thehamma

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    I have never heard of soy causing gyno on anybody. You might want to check or other online sites to check the side effects that your medication may be giving you. Obviously consulting your doctor is the best idea about your concerns. If I were you I would not take anyones advice on this forum in regard to your personal health including my own, unless they are a specialist in the field.


  3. OneMoreRep

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    it's really hard to say... even when i;m lean.. when my nipples are not contracted or whatever they puff a bit... not noticable to most ppl but i see it...

    when i was fatter they stuck out more...

    cut the weight they will go down..

    i asked bryan about it before he said that the areolar tissue is not as firm as the skin around it thus the nipples "puff" a bit depending on how you store fat...

    COULD be gyno... most likely cause = puberty.

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