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Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by ian, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. ian

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    Bet ur all sick of my questions now, but ive gota few more before i leave you alone....

    1, As the weights get closer to my maxs I find (especially on one of my weaker bodyparts eg chest) that I can do the first set of incline easily, but I can only just get 10 out for my second set. Should I a)lower the weight for the second set or both sets or b) just get 10reps or c)use a spotter to squeeze the last few out.

    1.What would reasonable gains be for a HST course?
    I've always been told a pound a month of weight is a massive gain, and unachievable to an intermediate or advanced bodybuilder (natural of course). Ive read different things on threads, some seem too much, and I have seen quite a few people say they gained in the first week (which I do not believe, as in my experience that shorter term gains can be the result of thousands of tiny variables, and these amazing quick gains are often lost after a trip to the toilet!!)

    As always I appologise for repeating any questions, I know you Ianfans love helpin tho.

  2. BIZ

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    1. Cluster Style HST takes care of the diminishing returns often associated with the second set of the traditional HST program. Set a rep goal, e.g. 30, and use as many sets as necessary to get there. Could look like 15, 10, 5 or 10, 8, 6, 6...whatever the case, volume remains constant (control) and load is the only changing variable. I do it, love it!

    2. As far as reasonable gains, yeah, quick gains will be somewhat superficial (sarcoplasmic) but a boost to the ego none-the-less. Solid gains in muscle fiber size (sarcomeric) will come slowly and be less noticeable in the short run. I have gained about 25 pounds in the almost three years since switching to HST from traditional splits (plus trying every other imaginable routine). Of the 25 pounds, a good portion of that (~18 lbs) is lean mass, the rest is fat. This is after 8 years of serious strength training. I also compete in drug free bodybuilding, although I did use tren twice and experienced nothing in the way of mass gains, just strength, as well as a heavy blow to my HPTA and liver. Never again. So, after 3 years I gained an average of 6 lbs. of lean mass naturally. I'll take that considering the rapid gains (55lbs.) then long plateau prior to HST.
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    Whoever told you a pound a month is a massive gain is wrong. I've been lifting for 15 years and I gained 23 pounds in the last 3.5 months.

    If you miss the target number of reps on the second or third set, then just do another set to hit the correct number of reps.
  4. Old and Grey

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    If, on the rare occassion that I do a second set of the same exercise instead of a different exercise, and I don't hit the targeted number of reps, I normally just stop at that point. I have found the so-called "cluster" method to be a bit tiring when used in combination with HST style frequency. However, I can see where it might be beneficial to some younger lifters.

    As for gains, most advanced lifters are thrilled to see 10 pounds of LBM in any given year. I gained 15 pounds and dropped bodyfat from 18% to 9% in 2 years. That, in effect, was a gain of 29 pounds of total lbm and a loss of 14 pounds of fat. That was after I had stagnated at my "peak" for many years. I couldn't ask for any more than that. As with anything, you get out based on what you put in. [​IMG]
  5. Do not drop the weight.

    I too cluster reps as Biz mentions, but if you do not want to then there is no need to "squueze" out additional reps. If you hit the right target on the first set then what happens on the following sets is not a big deal. So you might hit 15, then 10 then 8 for your three sets (if you're doing 3) and that's fine.

    It's more important to not try and kill yourself by "squeezing" out the last few reps so you can work out more frequently.
  6. Biz, O & G, & Dkm,
    That's for the post guys. I just finished the second week of 15's today. I was doing 2 sets for each exercise I chose. I noticed on the 5th & 6th workout, the first set went fine; however, on the second set of certain exercises, I noticed I wasn't going to get the 15 reps. What I did was just stop the set prior to failure. I was wondering if that was normal. I may try clusters when I get to the fives to see how it goes.

    Thanks again gentlemen. Now I know I'm normal. [​IMG]
  7. ian

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    What about thanking me?? it was my post,feel all left out now!! :mad:

    il let you off tho seeing as i didnt hava clue!
    Good responses, all is say tho was .... liegelord, 20+pounds in 3months is amazing, but iv never seen gains like that and would have to say it cant all be muscle, its probably possible with steroids, but itl drop off at the end of ur course. Im not slagging you off, just sayn I know good standard bbs that would love to put that on in a year. If you can tho u must av amazing genetics!!!

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