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  1. hi guys

    Quite Possible that you already had this discussion but because I realized that really big increments at about 10-15% worked definately the best concearning size-gain for me, I wonder if there is a generalization.

    I think only few people use less than 5% increments and also few use more than 10% but for those who did the later please post your results and most of all the comparison between the different increments you used

    best regards
  2. krenshaw

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    for me it really depends on the exercise.. if i'm doing a set where i only use like 50 lbs i'll have to do no more than five percent or else i wouldn't really feel much until the last 2 workouts every other week.. on larger ones though, i do like to do like 10 percent or so.. i don't really mind slight zig zagging because i feel that the progressive load makes up the i difference
  3. Dood

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    I think the largest increment you can use and still progress is the best. Obviously there are limits to what you can do, but more is better.
  4. Louno

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    for legs and dips, i take 10lbs increases, for everything else its 5lbs increases, dont know if this is optimal or not...
  5. Jester

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    If your incline bench 5RM is 220lbs, is better to go: 120, 140, 160, 180, 200, 220.......or 170, 180, 190, 200, 210, 220...?
  6. ChrisROCK

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    yeah...which is better?
  7. Old and Grey

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    The amount of increment will depend on the weight being used. I generally use 5% for weights around 100 pounds, 10 percent for weights around 200 pounds and 15% for weights above 300 pounds.

    In general, you usually should not use starting weights much below 70% of your RM to be effective. Therefore, I would answer the Qu by choosing a minimum beginning weight of 170 pounds. However, you also have to take zig zag into consideration and whether or not you want to zig zag, repeat weights or use smaller increments.
  8. and
    How does this add up?

    When you use 15% increases, over a let us say regular two week 3/week subcycle, that means you should go: 25-40-55-70-85-100%

    Quite below 70%??

    Or do you mean.. 70-70-85-85-100-100? OR something else?
  9. Old and Grey

    Old and Grey Super Moderator Staff Member

    70, 70, 85, 85, 100, 100.

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