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    James Smith writes:

    "...The Conjugate Method, with respect to MMA training, entails substituting various high stress training means/methods in place of conventional high stress training means/methods, in order to perform at max intensities throughout the yearly cycle without overtraining the central nervous system (CNS)...

    ...In order to prevent overtraining of the CNS, one must consistently rotate high stress (greater than 90%1RM) (Maximum Effort, as defined by V. Zatsiorsky) training methods/means. This continuous rotation of different training means is inherent to the Conjugate Method and allows the CNS to continually adapt to the high stress of Maximum Effort training...

    ...In order to gain an understanding of how to apply the Conjugate Method, one may observe the training methodology of the Westside Barbell Club in Columbus Ohio. The Westside lifters, led by Louie Simmons, utilize numerous special core exercises, for Maximum Effort training, in place of the competitive lifts (e.g., squat, bench press, and dead lift) in order to prevent overtraining of the CNS. For example, instead of performing the bench press, in excess of 90%1RM, week after week, the Westside lifters will utilize floor presses, board presses, reverse band presses, and incline presses, etc..."

    Is there any high-quality research behind this?
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    Actually, I'm looking for some more input.

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