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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Rakko, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. Rakko

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    I was just wondering what some of the more advanced lifter's opinions are on milk. I found this new 'Atkins Milk' that contains 12g of protein, 4g of fat, and really low carbs, like 75% less than regular milk (being compared to 2 percent milk). I am using this as my post work out drink. I'm in the middle of my second minicycle of HST and this is what I have been drinking so far as my post workout drink. I have about 3 glasses of it after every work out. It's alot cheaper than protein shakes and contains tons of protein (36g of it in 3 glasses!). I would like to hear from more advanced and experienced lifters regarding this subject, I would really appreciate it.
    P.S: It doesnt fill you up or causes gas like regular milk...just in case you were wondering. ;) :D
  2. Techo

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    I'd hardly say I'm an "experienced lifter", but I think I've tried the stuff you're talking about... Are you talking about the Hood milk that comes in the green carton? Yeah, that's good stuff - tasty and plenty of protein! I used it on my cutting cycle since it actually has 4 protein grams more and 10 calories less per serving compared to regular skim milk. I'm not cutting any more so I'll probably stop drinking it. I'd say go for it unless anyone else says otherwise. Although I've heard that those low-carb cows have more of a tendancy to carry MCD ;-)
  3. Rakko

    Rakko New Member

    Sorry for the ignorance but what is MCD? I'm a beginner here so bere wit me. Thankx for the reply :D
  4. Techo

    Techo New Member

    Mad Cow Disease - I wasn't being serious...
  5. Rakko

    Rakko New Member

    ooohhhhhhh.. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] :confused: [​IMG] lol....ok, I didnt think about that, I was thinking like bodybuilding terms for something that wasn't good for your muscles...but yeah...I guess MCD wouldn't be too good for your or your muscles now would it.... ;)
  6. Dairy accounts for 2/3 of my protein. Cottage cheese, milk with skim milk powder mixed in. Milk ROCKS!

    Personally I would avoid anything that says 'Atkins' on it. It's quickly becoming a marketing scam for consumers. Ya know those Subway Atkins wraps? Bacon, cheese, sodium, trans fats, and processed flour? That's a heart attack waiting to happen there.

    Here's a cheaper alternative to the Atkins milk: take half a cup of 2% milk and mix in 1/3 cup of skim milk powder. 13g of protein for less money.
  7. Rakko

    Rakko New Member

    ok, i feel better now. I dont hear a whole lota people talk about milk as one of their protein sources. I know ecto...milk ROCKS! thanks for ur post, i will try what you said. [​IMG]
  8. Scott S

    Scott S New Member

    Milk has been the cornerstone of many a bodybuilder's diet since, oh, the 1930's. [​IMG]
  9. VIPER

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    Yeah, I love milk and it actually saves me every now and then, when I cant get a meal ready or I'm in a rush. It's got a good amount of protein in it, easy to find, and relatively cheap. [​IMG] Regular milk might be cheaper than the Atkins milk though but I've never seen how much it is. For me, I actually like the fact that regular milk has the carbs in it because it's helps me during mass gaining cycles.

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