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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Catalonia, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. Catalonia

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    Is the jury out on this one? i've read both that it burns calories..and that it can mobilize stubborn fat (I think) What do you all think is best? I'm going to try and use high intensity interval training.. no matter what time of the day I do it.
  2. Pauly

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    Well it definitely burns calories, Ill give you that :D

    Cardio in a fasted state does increase FFA oxidation and can possibly help with shifting 'stubborn' fat, but this wont be seen in practice until the 'stubborn' fat (ie SQ ab fat if youre a man and hip/thigh fat if youre a woman) is the only fat youve got left (typically 8% and below for a male).

    Unless this is you and youre dieting for a show I wouldnt worry about it, just pick a time that you can stick to. Its better to do it consistently, even if its at night, than sporadically in the morning on an empty stomach (not saying you cant stick to early morning cardio, but Im making a point)
  3. Nemesis7884

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    ugly but good...

    when cutting do hiit (high intensity intervall training) 20 minutes 3-6x per week, in the morning before breakfast...this will enhance calorie burn troughout the day...

    and if you combine that with restricted calories/carbs, ephedrine or clenbuterol and a 1test/1.4 andro stack you will be scared because you get lean like hell...

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