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Discussion in 'Hypertrophy Research' started by CDB, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. CDB

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    Interesting little article here. I don't have the time or brains to parse out the research, not sure if it can even be found online. But it seems to make sense. The summary is that muscle memory is potentially the result of the cells retaining their nuclei and so being able to rebuild faster. Also mentioned is that previous studies miscounted nuclei as the muscles atrophied. It's always those pesky previous studies that suck the wind out of your sails.

    Anyway, I just found it interesting. If I recall the donation of nuclei by satellite cells is one of the main steps in hypertrophy and one of the things creatine may help increase. What we need of course now is methylated sub lingual super creatine with much more bioavailableness and other supplementy stuff like that.
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    Not to be confused with 'muscle memory' in a sporting context, ala training yourself to throw, shoot, kick etc - perform a specific action in a certain manner, repetitively.

    But yeh, not really surprising.

    I'm sure a company with a name like BIO MUSCLE TECH blah blah will come up with said creatine product before too long ;)
  3. Sci

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    That is a great article, highly interesting. I always "knew" muscle memory was a fact anecdotally, but this puts very clear rationale behind the effect.
  4. CDB

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    It also make you wonder if there actually is an effective way to increase the donation of nuclei via supplementation. At least beyond the standard hormone approach. I'm sure some companies will cash in on some BS herbs. I always watch that industry though, just in case one of them accidentally stumbles on to something.
  5. Jester

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    I seem to remember this being known some time ago though (nuclei hanging around) ... I might be misremembering, but for some reason I thought 'this again, old already' when I read it.

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