Muscle synthetic rate after 48 hours

Discussion in 'General Training' started by JackBauer, Apr 8, 2005.

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    We know that for trained subjects muscle synthetic rate lasts about 36 hours for BICEPS. But what about larger bodyparts like CHEST, BACK,...?? Does it last only 36 hours or more than that? Could we assume that "the larger the bodypart the more it lasts"? Of course we are speaking about conditioned muscles after 2-3 (or also more) sets.
  2. Don't see why there would be a difference. PS is based on the same principles no matter which muscle. Now, the load required to elicit the cascade of events would naturally be higher in larger muscle groups but the process in my mind would be the same.
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    I agree that the process would be the same in every bodypart. I'm interested in the time course of PS occurring in the different bodyparts. The reason is trying to optimize macronutrient intake: I always workout Mon-Wed-Fri at about 7-8 pm and in the next 36 hours I eat a bit over maintenance to support PS. But I ask: in the range 36-48 hours after training could it be useful eat over maintenance or would it be better eat less?
  4. Now I could say something really scientific and post a littany of studies but I'm not in the mood today so, I'll keep it very simple.

    Yes, eating above maintenance is better. ;)
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    Well, we really don't know it only lasts that long. We need more studies, and much better ones. I had emailed Dr. Digby Sale about this a bit a go and here was his response to me.

    (I'll bold some of the cool parts)


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