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Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by Joe.Muscle, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. Joe.Muscle

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    Just wanted to say thanks to....DKM, Vicous, Blade, and of course Brian for all of the great and prompt advice these guys give. You guys are impressive at how you understand the principals of HST.
    One question out of curiousity I see were you guys have been very active with HST for years now so how have you guys gains been over the years??? I am sure very impressive b/c you guys have the fundamentals down so good.
    Anyway curious to here about results and my hat is off to you guys!!! [​IMG]  [​IMG]
  2. mport1

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    I agree.  You guys really know what you are talking about and are still willing to help out others.  I would especially like to thank Vicious for helping me develop a solid second HST cycle.
  3. Well speaking for me I am the newbie of those you mentioned and don't have nearly the practical experience that the others do, naturally.

    When I started HST I weighed 149 Lbs. I am 40 years old and I currently weigh 161 Lbs @ about 15 to 17% BF. My hurdle has been willing to eat the amount I need to grow. Being an ex fatty I am hesitant to regain the lard so I am a bit fruggle on eating, I generally ate about 1800 Kcals for the first 5 cycles and got some grwoth but not what I could have if I had eaten more. This cycle I am eating about 2200 to 2400 Kcals and have gained more than ever, naturally some fat came with it, was about 12% now 15 to 17.
    There are pics of Blade, Bryan, Biz, Mikeynov, Aaron in a thread where I posted Links to pics. In a thread called Pictures everyone myself, Lance (watch this kid if he keeps going seriously he will be a name to recognize), Mikeynov, plus a bunch of others have pics. I have never seen pics of Vicious maybe one day he'll grace us  [​IMG] .

    BTW, reading the older posts are a great way of learning and understanding. So if any of you have a day with not a lot to do. When you log on resort the Hypertrophy Specific Board by choosing Topic Start Date, Ascending Order and the Beginning. You'll be able to see all the post, still available, from April 2002 and get in on some of the brainstroming going on back then. It is quite interesting. For me anyway :D
  4. BIZ

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    Not only is it rare to find someone like Bryan willing to share all this info for free, it is also rare to find so many willing volunteers to help others learn about HST and exercise physiology in general.
  5. vicious

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    I haven't gained all that much on HST the past 2 years. About 45lbs or so. Very disappointing. ;)

    For me, working out is just a hobby, and so I'm more about maintaining and working on this or that. Maybe I'll do pics some day. Bleh, I'm still trying to figure out how to get my DSL to work correctly. [​IMG]

    Very interesting, active evolution back then. The original HST members were, mostly, Thinkmuscle readers who were already well-versed in strength training theory and so on. I found HST completely by accident; I hadn't gone on T-mag for half a year, but just that week, they were featuring HST. Go figure. :)

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  7. Lance

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    Dkm you allways make me feel really good about myself. =)

    I don't really see how i'll be a name to recognize unless i start doing some serious steroids and put on some serious mass, thus getting 'possible' publicity if everything went well. Unless of course you mean well recognized on this board, then i can see that. I wish i had an image editing program, because i have pictures from the beginning of bodybuilding through now so far, showing the progress. I just don't want to post a bunch of different replys to post a ton of images, i'd rather make a collage.

    It's pretty cool when i look back though. You see alot of progress happening, and then you see the results of my first HST cycle which was a bulk and then i did a cut, and there's the pictures. There was good progress throughout everything, but once i introduced HST my results went up much faster. I'm going to do another HST bulk soon.

    My first HST cycle was by far the best results wise. I just did the basic HST template (my own routine though) and followed the Eating for Size article. It was awesome. Then i cut, as read how to do in the FAQ's, i was nervous about keeping carbs high, but once again, it was awesome. My muscles were staying full as i was cutting, everything turned out great. Since then i've spent most of my time dieting down from eating mistakes and things havn't been as productive. I keep trying to lean gain and it just doesn't really work, atleast very slowly. Just going to have to bit the bullet after this modeling show this weekend and go for a bulk next HST cycle. I'll definately be taking before and after pics. I want to influence those who are skeptical.
  8. Good you should.

    Lance, what I mean by serious is the progression of time and what you truly wish to acheive. You are what 18 or 19 right? How old are most pros? So you have the time and the foundation to advance, if not at least to a regional level, top amateur or semi-pro, as you said depending on how far you are willing to take it, maybe even pro one day. It's all up to you. [​IMG]

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