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Discussion in 'Strength-Specific Training (SST)' started by dr_janitor, Feb 5, 2007.

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    I've been weight training for the last seven years and mostly doing a body part a day, 5 days a week. I found that very taxing on my body, so about a month ago I stumbled upon this website and I thought I'd give HST a try. I've read the articles and this is a routine I came up with, a lot of the exercises are taken from the list on the HST example routine. I don't know if I'm planning on doing too much, should I simplify things more, I also plan to alternate the two routines.

    Incline Bench Press
    Cable Pull downs (Can't do many pull-ups, only about 5 or 6)
    Shoulder Press (dumbbell)
    Cable Bicep Curls
    Cable Tri Ext.
    Standing Calf Raises

    Decline Press (in substitute of dips, I can only get 8 reps doing dips)
    Cable Rows (should I do barbell?)
    Shoulder Press (dumbbell)
    Preacher Curls
    Lying Tri Ext.
    Standing Calf Raises

    I plan to do 2 sets of 15 reps, 2 sets of 10 reps and 2 or 3 sets of 5 reps. I did some circuit training over the summer. I would do a set of legs, rest for 30 sec, a set for chest, rest for 30 sec, a set for back, rest for 30 sec, a set for shoulders, rest for 30 sec, a set for biceps, rest for 30 sec, and a set for triceps and rest for 30 sec. I would then ride the stationary bike for 5 minutes, and then repeat. I would do 3 sets, 3 times a week (MWF).

    Should I do all sets for one exercise before moving on? Should I rest a little more between sets? I'm a little confused by some of the readings. Again, I would like to thank you for you advice/input.

  2. dr_janitor

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    I would also do just the exercises Brian has outlined on the first HST description. Perhaps even less. There is really no need to make it complicated right off the bat with alternating routines. As long as you have squat, dead, bench, row, pullups (or pulldowns) and overhead pressing (or incline bench pressing) you have pretty much a full body workout.

    Keep it simple, progress the weight every time, follow the principals and you will grow.
  4. dr_janitor

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    Should I alternate deads and squat? and Rows and Pulldows? or do them on the same day?

    Thanks, I will trim down my routine.
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    Yes, alternate the squat and deadlift. I would alternate the rows and pulldowns also, unless you're only doing one top set.
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    Thanks for the input [​IMG]
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    As you've been training for seven years already then I would think definitely alternate the big lifts.

    You might be OK doing them all together during 15s but the novelty soon wears off at the end of the 15s and as the 10s get underway.

    Don't forget that as a seasoned trainer you may have to experiment with total reps to find what works best for you. 15-20 reps per exercise per session is a good place to start. At the start of 15s, when the loads are really light, just go for the burn and don't worry too much about reps. Avoid going to failure though. Aways keep something in the tank and you will do better once you reach the heavy part of the cycle.

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