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Discussion in 'General Training' started by CyberSteak, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. CyberSteak

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    I see there's a couple of topics that have brought up deadlifts. I'm curious what version of a deadlift people do and which in your opinion is the best. To me it's always one of those exercises that you can feel for a short while (especially in my hams and lower back) but seem to recover quickly from. Maybe my form sucks? I keep a straight back but my knees are bent. My understanding is that this is a stiff legged deadlift. BUT checking out leads me to believe I've created a deadlift all on my own (um yeah...bad form) Although my legs are kept in a manner that would be indicative of a stiff legged deadlift, my body from the waste up takes on the form of a straight leg, straight back deadlift. I said...too many variations. It's the second exercise in my routine so I really want to make sure I'm getting the most of it (first exercise is squat...and yeah I know people are going to say one or the far I've done well doing both back to back...bad form may have had something to do with it). I also like to add a shoulder shrug after each rep ('s there...why not).

    I think I'm babbling. Anyhow...thoughts?
  2. CyberSteak

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  3. jtsisyoda

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    Yes, those four are separate and legit variations. There are also Romanian, Conventional, and Sumo Deadlifts. You can also do them from a platform to increase the ROM or in a power rack to decrease the ROM (Rack Pulls). You can also use different kinds of bars like trap bars or cambered bars, or dumbbells, or atlas stones (yeesh). Did you want a run-down of all the variations, or am I making it worse? [​IMG]

    The ones that aren't straight-backed make me uneasy and I avoid them.

    I stick to conventional or straight back stiff leg. I feel I can do these with the most weight and least stress on my back, so my hams and glutes get a good workout.

    I like to do squats and deads on the same day, too.
  4. Tcup

    Tcup New Member

    Straight back straight leg is my thing [​IMG] With "normal" deadlifts i`ve trouble making the position confortable...
  5. robefc

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    I started doing deadlifts in my last cycle and was similarly confused at the time, not saying I'm an expert but I did look into it quite a bit.

    I think the first thing you need to do is decide what your target muscles are for the deadlift, why are you doing it?

    I started off doing what most people would probably think of as a conventional deadlift...which is effectively the same movement as a squat. I was doing this mainly for overall strength and gains. Now I'm alternating that with a straight leg deadlift to hit my hams as well...I haven't put straight back in that title because I would always do deadlifts with a straight back.

    The difference between conventional and sumo is just how wide your stance is and whether you have your arms inside or outside your legs...I prefer a wider stance as I can get down to the bar easier.

    Romanian simply means performing the movement as a continuous exercise without putting the bar down...this would probably mean less weight and more strain on your lower back.

    I'm not too sure what is better between straight and stiff leg...they're both targeting your hams but maybe someone with more expertise could comment.

    Hope that helps

  6. jtsisyoda

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    Straight Leg vs. Stiff Leg... I'm not an expert either, but I'll share my experience. I used to do straight, but I started having pain in the back of my knee. Switching to stiff prevented the pain, increased the weight I could use, and still gave a good ham stretch and workout. If you do straight leg, don't keep your knees locked completely straight. That's probably what caused my problem.
  7. liegelord

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    I do the good ol' conventional bent leg deadlift. Best for overall strength and size. For me, nothing else is better for leg and upper back size. [​IMG]
  8. Captain Crunch

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    I agree that nothing matches good old conventional deadlifts. It is a great (and best) all around mass and strength builder.
  9. jvroig

    jvroig Super Moderator

    Hey :)

    If the variations confuse you, do what it is that you feel is more suited for you. No use in sticking to a deadlift variation that you end up hating, thus making you dread that part of your workout.

    The best kind would always be the one you can do with great form and still use the most weight. But again, if you end up hating it, you might as well stick to a variation you love doing.

    I personally go for the conventional deadlift with a mixed grip. For simply no other reason than, when I started, it was the only deadlift I knew courtesy of Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1980's edition of "Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding".

  10. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Same here - convential deadlift with an over/under grip.
  11. Chthonian

    Chthonian New Member

    I prefer to deadlift olympic style. Conventional stance, double overhand (and sometimes hooked) grip.

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