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  1. Blade

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    I think the squeeze press is a good option if you don’t have cables.

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  2. _Simon_

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    Ah that's awesome I didn't even think of that, thanks heaps Borge! That'd be easier to progress than resistance bands hey.. and would be easy to keep constant tension, as it's just up to me and squeezing the hands together.

    My dumbbells are the round plate adjustable types that might be tricky to push together the whole time, butnI could even just use the one dumbbell and hold it horizontally like Nick Nilsson's version here:

  3. Jester

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    So now that I’ve bought it, how long until
    I look like the guy on the cover? ;)
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  4. _Simon_

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    Just did the first ease-in session and tried the DB squeeze press... yyyikes! The contraction was ridiculous, I only used 2x 3kg dumbells, and wow it was intense haha. Obviously it's dependent on how hard you're pushing the dumbbells together, but still! And I just used a piece of cardboard inbetween so that I could push them together hehe.

    Also for another myoreps exercise, I'm doing BB spider curls with a resistance band attached, and I set it up so the band pulls at the perfect angle at the fully contracted position for some fun times ;) :[​IMG]
  5. _Simon_

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    Oh and yeah I've finally finished reading myoreps e-book, really awesome read. It goes into alot of other stuff too and not only myoreps, but very informative and I thoroughly enjoyed it. And Borge your humour is gold hahaha... especially loved the story in the Autoregulation section with the example of the fellow training. And the pre-workout "F***ed-Up-Beyond-Belief" haha..

    But I highly recommend it :)
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  6. Blade

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    Thanks, that is awesome feedback! :D
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  7. _Simon_

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    Ah just also had a question @Blade, I'm going to be doing the Flexible template as I will only train 3 times a week, is doing the 3 day (with the different rep ranges and moreso the exercises) too much variation for progress to be made, or do you recommend doing as is?

    Although even with say the Intermediate template, you're still training the one exercise once a week (but each muscle group twice a week, with different exercises per session). I guess if you're still progressing each exercise the variation is just providing the frequency, different rep range, and different stimulus or focus. And I like how the flexible template has a middle rep range day, myoreps day, and heavier loading day.

    Just curious about the variation aspect (or if it doesn't matter as much, as frequency is high and you're progressing), or if variation is indeed a good thing..

    Thanks heaps :)
  8. Mojo77

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    It is unclear to me on what basis one decides to do 3 or 5 minisets after the initial activation set. Does one always do 5 reps per miniset and varie the number of minisets based on post workout recovery and fatigue? Say you do 5x5 and while you had no issues performing with good form and constant tempo, it turns out to have been too taxing the next day, you dial back to 4x5? Is this how one will configure the minisets? Can anyone clarify? Thx
  9. Old and Grey

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    Always listen to your what your body tells you. Dial back when you do not have full recovery before your next workout.
    That being said, I almost always find that my body responds best to 4-5 mini sets.
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