Myostatin inhibitors' side effects

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  1. MyostatInfo

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    Do you think that myostatin inhibitors like follistatin, myostatin’s propeptide, ACE-031 (Myostatin’s soluble receptor) or MYO-029 (Monoclonal antibody) could have a negative effect on human health? According to you, what are the possible side effects of these products? Do you think that current knowledge could allow a sufficient evaluation of side effects on short and long term?
  2. CDB

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    We now already they can cause connective tissue to be prone to injury and outright breaking/snapping. There could also be some long term heart issues, but that isn't known right now.
  3. MyostatInfo

    MyostatInfo New Member

    Broken tendons seems to be a big problems with these products but i know that bleeding nose can occur too...

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