Nattyornot = Delusion?

Discussion in 'General Training' started by leonardopm, Dec 30, 2015.

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    Just met a few days ago. I read almost the entire content of it since then. There is a pile of good info there, but also a lot of bullshit. Anyway it caught my eye.

    The most curious parts are the analysis from the author (anonymous) about people that would supposedly be on steroids and how far a true natural BB could expect to go. In my opiniom this guy has a somewhat biased look on steroid usage since for him almost every fitness model and natural BB is actually on juice. His arguments and comparisions with 30's and 70's pro BB are interesting, but I feel that many natural trainers are actually surpassing the stats he put as "natural limits".

    Only to exemplify this, I can consider myself I beginner to intermediate trainer and I have gained so far around 18lbs of muscle, what theoretically makes me prone to gain another 12 lbs. My lifts are very low at the moment and I feel a enormous room for improvement. Even so I could be classified by Nattyornot as a potential drug user, since @ 5% BF I would weight around 190 lbs at 6'. I'm actually 15,5" arms at ~ 14% BF (currently on a cut) what also puts me on the limit for a natural. Second to him a natural shouldn't expect to have more than 13-16 inch arms ever.

    I know some guys on this forum that are way ahead of me in strength and size so they could possibly be reported as drug user according to nattyornot, although I don't think they are real users.

    The whole point is that "natural stats" as reported by this site are really delusional. According to him true natural trainers should expect to have bodies as Bruce Lee or Brad Pitt, maybe like Jason Statham.

    Don't you think this guy has a very pessimistic POV?
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    Nattyornot is clickbait garbage ... stating the obvious re: competitive bodybuilders or fake nattys like Ogus, Panda etc. is one thing.

    Saying Omar Isuf was only 3 out of 5 likely to be natty is moronic.

    Not to mention they assume every powerlifter or competitive athlete is riding gear like John Wayne on a horse ... many? Yes. Every? Don't be absurd.

    Got to give them props for being successful clickbait garbage, but putting a dress on a pig doesn't change anything about the oinker.
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    The fact is that many people who train are not natural. However, who cares? There is also the fact that there are tons of people using anabolics who still look like crap and have poor strength levels. You can't necessarily judge whether someone is a natural or not based solely on their size and strength. Yes, after a certain size, it is obvious that they are on drugs but it's stupid to assume everyone who looks even halfway decent is on drugs.

    Yes, it is rare that people who are natural will attain certain levels of strength or size, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't try to find your own limits. But I personally have grown quite tired of everyone always speculating about everyone with a decent build as being on drugs. I know plenty of natural lifters who are larger than Brad Pitt was in fight club. Come on, Pitt was maybe 150 lbs in that movie. And Bruce Lee? While someone who had extraordinary strength in many ways, was smaller than the average gym rat. Because his sport required him to be smaller. He had gotten larger at one point but decided to slim back down because he couldn't move as fast when fighting.
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    I will say that nattyornot gives a pretty good idea of what is possible natty, allthough they can be a bit sceptical from time to time. It is fair to say that guys like Omar Isuf, Scott Herman and Frank Medrano are indeed natty. But the line pretty much ends There.

    Guys like Jeff Seid, Kane Sumabat, Scooby are not in my opinion. The last two have their age against them. Test declines and allows less muscle retention. It is only natural. Kane admitted some pro hormone use a while back btw.

    I myself currently am around 158 pounds with 12,2 inch arms cold but flexed. Ever getting 16 inch arms would be a dream and probably unlikely to happen. This is not a selflimitting belief it is a matter of realistic goal setting. Doing that and surpassing is much better then ending far south of an unrealistic goal. Now that is delusional!!

    I do not care if you are roiding are not, that is not the problem. The problem is being a liar about it. Just admit it.

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