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Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by kambomx, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. kambomx

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    Hello to all,I am new here and tomorrow I want to start with HST training but I just want to ask you something about excersise order: So,if I do chest 2 excersises lets say,one incline bench x2,and dips x1,do I must go one after another or after first set of chest I can do back,traps,biceps,triceps and so on and come back to second set of chest? I hope you understand what I want to ask :) Thanks in advance
  2. adpowah

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    Off the top of my head, the lift order should be based off these three criteria; highest priority, most intense, largest muscle group. That will keep your workout focused on what you want to accomplish, allocate the energy there first and save you the most time of re-warming up.

    So I would say a reason to not do them one after another is maybe your priority is conditioning.
  3. Lol

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    What adpowah said.
    If you are trying to save time then you could superset a push and a pull exercise, eg. bench and rows, but if that's not an issue, get your sets done for each exercise before moving on to the next.
    It's particularly beneficial to do this with big (heavy) compound, multi-joint movements because you want to focus on your form as much as possible for each and every rep. You can't really do that effectively if you are swapping from one exercise to another.
    It's never going to be a good idea to work smaller muscles before working the larger ones because the smaller ones need to be fresh to enable you to work the large ones effectively. Eg. if your triceps are tired, your bench will suffer. If your biceps are tired, your chins will suffer.
    You can always try supersetting arm isolation movements to save some time, if you want to add them in after your main compounds are done. Eg. One set of biceps curls followed by one set of triceps extensions. Rinse and repeat for required total sets.
  4. kambomx

    kambomx New Member

    Thanks a lot people,it makes sense all what you said,I will do sets done for each excersise before moving on to the next :)
  5. Totentanz

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    As Lol said, it's best to just do all your sets before moving on to the next, concentrating on doing all your big lifts first before moving on to those targeting smaller muscle groups.

    Another reason to do all your sets before moving on to another lift is if you lift at a public gym, rather than at home. If you lift at a gym and you monopolize more than one piece of equipment at a time, you will be very unpopular with the other lifters. If you do this during slow times when you are the only person lifting, it's not a big deal. Depending on the rules of the gym, you may get in trouble with the management of the gym as well. They are real big at my gym on getting people who don't put away plates after they are done, monopolizing multiple pieces of equipment when there are other lifters there, and so on. So just be aware of that if you choose to go that route. Obviously with a home gym, you make your own rules.
  6. kambomx

    kambomx New Member

    Thanks a lot,I just finished with my 15 RM max and in next 4 days will finish 10's and 5's and I will post here excersises for you to judge if it's ok,and then to finally start my journey :)

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