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    First off I just wanted to say hey to everyone, since I haven't been on here in a longggg time. It's good to see some of the same names posting.

    I have a friend that has to do a speech on children and obesity, and was wondering if anyone had studies or even articles to help her out. Studies would be great for statistical information in the speech but also articles to help her grasp more of the information. Thanks a lot!

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    Look up the Scientific American for this month or last month. Big article on obesity in there with references. Don't know though if it was related to children.
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    I just Googled "Obesity, Children" and came up with 97,334 pages of links, including lots of sites dedicated to statistics.
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    Also go to the American Obesity Association Website and look at the Education links and Research Links, lots of useful stuff there including useful statisitics on demographics. American Obesity Assoc
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    Haha yeah I already did but I figured someone here could give me more reputable ones.

    Thanks a lot for helping guys' I definitely appreciate it.

    DKM, great links to studies as usual.

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