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Discussion in 'Strength-Specific Training (SST)' started by Claudio, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. Claudio

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    I am moving towards wanting to do more olympic lifting but there is a real lack of information out there.

    Whereas I can see a hundred different types of powerlifting training articles the only stuff on olympic lifting apart from an article at deepsquatter.com for beginners mostly relates to technical stuff without prescriptions for sets/reps etc. Normally, I wouldn't follow a canned program anyway but since I am rel.new to O lifts I want to work off a generalised program first. Anyone know any good training programs out there for beginner/intermediates?
  2. BrianG

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    I have also looked around for stuff online but found next to nothing. However, "An Introduction to Olympic-Style Weightlifting" by John M. Cissik, 2nd edition, has most everything a beginner might want including detailed explanations of snatch and clean-and-jerk technique, practice exercises for them, and sample training routines. I bought the book from Amazon from about $25 US.
    Also, you might look at t-nation.com and do a search for "snatch" and "overhead squat". USA Weightlifting may also have some stuff (look within "Coaches" and under "Coaches' Corner --> Articles").
  3. mark litherland

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    hi you might want to try tomgorman.moonfruit.com this will show abreakdown of the olympic lifts as well as video clips of both the snatch and clean/jerk. :)
    cheers mark
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