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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Orokusaki, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. Orokusaki

    Orokusaki New Member

    OMG I´m so glad I finally managed to register here!:D

    I found this forum and web pages several days ago and so far I really liked it. It seems that I could find here informations not only from quickmade-douchebags but people who really like to have better insight to bodybuilding theory.

    So about me: I´m from EU, not native speaker and therefore my Engrish is quite crappy. But I´ll be inproving... I´m intermediate bodybuilder, trained for almost one year, before that I did a lot of sports, mostly fighting like thaibox, some BUDO, jogging, fighting with that blasted turtles, you know, stuff...

    My bench is 130 Kg 5RM, squat 140 kg 5RM, Deadlift 150 5RM... Actual weight is 85 kg, 12,5% of fatt ( I´m shortly after..."loosing fat period"... Eh, I don´t know english word for it...he) 185 cm tall, 24 years.

    I´ll put some more information later. Right now I´m gonna read this forum :)
  2. QuantumPositron2

    QuantumPositron2 New Member

    It's good to have you aboard fellow bodybuilding student. Please ask the forum any questions you have.
    Train smart.

  3. Orokusaki

    Orokusaki New Member

    Thank you :) I will first read HTS Faq book whole and forum articles to prevent pointless questions :) .

    I just finished reading HTS book on pahe 46 and going to prepare my first HTS workout program!

    I have been thinking abou full body training and to me it seem as better solution to instead of full body train half body every day with 1 day break after 4 day. Advatage of such method could be possibility to be more concentrated to fewer excercises, being less fatigued and have more time for other excercises ( ringht now I´m spending quite a lot of time doing stretching). Maybe I could even add some 20-min kardio after that.

    So this is my choice of exercises:

    Day A

    -warm up, stretching

    -barbell squat
    - romanian deadlift
    -barbell seated calf raise
    [h=1][/h][h=1]http://www.bodybuilding.com/exercises/detail/view/name/barbell-seated-calf-raise[/h]-chin up

    -bent over barbell row

    -abs training for 15 minutes, stretching(15 min), light cardio (15 min)

    Day B

    -warm up, stretching

    -barbell benchpress - medium grip
    -standing military press
    -barbell curl - wide grip
    -dips - triceps version

    -abs training for 15 minutes, stretching(15 min), light cardio (15 min)

    Main excercises shouldn´t take more than 40 min ( I think even less), and than abs, stretching... I think I should be able to train 4 days in a row without being fatigued, all muscles trained 3 times a week and still have enough energy to strench my muscles and enhance matabolism.

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