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Discussion in 'Bodybuilding Videos' started by dkm1987, Aug 17, 2012.

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    Nice! Hey Dan are we gonna see any write ups from you soon? I really liked your old website.

  4. CDB

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    I miss it. )c: I'm glad I still have my Max Stim PDF. Reread it the other day, I find it's always good to go back and reread the good books and essays, they keep you grounded and from going off on unproductive tangents.
  5. Gerry22

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    Well, that does actually sound kinda interesting, in theory, anyway. I'm intrigued as to how it plays out in practice.

    It reminds me about my last deadlift session. I had a thought about chucking on 90% and doing singles (lifting as fast as possible, ala DE work) with 15-20secs rest between each single.. I wonder how that would work.
  6. Lol

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    Gerry, see if you can find Dan's Max-Stim pdf on the web somewhere. It's a great protocol. Another arrow in your quiver, so to speak.

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