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  1. noob2world

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    A friend of mine had some health magazine and there is a regular section on plyometrics/power by a lean sort of guy but he does some crazy things like jumping pushups to 50 degrees etc.. Does anyone have some info into this type of stuff?

    I'm also looking to increase my vertical leap and have found some stuff on this:

    Any discussion welcomed.
  2. Totentanz

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    With regards to vertical jump - I've increased my vertical jump significantly just by doing my normal HST routine, which includes squats and deadlifts alternated. I've always had a good vertical jump though.
  3. noob2world

    noob2world New Member

    ..i havent.

    I've been told that the graph of power is a linear product of speed and strength. Is this true?

    If i take a page from the westside book, would I build more speed if I did something like an assisted squat/jump type movement? So I could move faster than I could lifting my body weight?
  4. coach hale

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    keys to increasing vertical

    enhance power production
    increase reactive strength directly related to above
    drop unecessary wt (which usually increases relative strength)

    coach hale
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  5. Captain Crunch

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    Do a search for plyometrics on the web. There are many good sites which explain what they are all about and how to go about setting up a program. They will certainly help you increase your vertical leaps and bounds (pardon the pun) beyond just normal lifting.


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