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Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by Smee, Jan 12, 2004.

  1. Smee

    Smee New Member

    With what the the search engine came up with I've realized why DOMS is four lettered word and I'm almost too scared to use it in a post, but I have a real concern.
    Long story short, went back after 2 months, started out way too optomistic !! [​IMG]
    I have never experienced DOMS or muscle swelling and inflamation like that and I've done some stupid things in the gym before.
    My question / concern is two fold:
    1.) I've read about severe DOMS causing scar tissue in the muscle which is obviously not what we are after. At what sort of level does this become a concern and,
    2.) I had the strangest sensations after about 4 days when the pain was gone. On contracting the muscle, there was no pain, but 2 -3 seconds after relaxing there would be a burning sensation that was almost unbearable for about 5 seconds after which it would slowly ease up. Is this just a result of the previous DOMS, or have I done some other injury.
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thanks !!
  2. Chupacabra

    Chupacabra New Member

    Um, I could very well be wrong, but that doesn't sound like DOMS to me.

    I associate DOMS with a stiff, sore feeling. Not an unbearable burning sensation.

    Is the pain localized or is it general?
  3. Smee

    Smee New Member

    Hi Chupacabra,
    Right, I was stiff and sore and could barely walk for 3 days
    The burning lasted a few days after the stiff/soreness went away, which is why I'm a little concerned I've done some damage to something.
    I got an unexpected invite to go fishing so I haven't been back for 8 days now. I'm counting that as an SD and will start again tomorrow. If all goes well, I'll just right it off and assume it's not much of an issue. [​IMG]

    EDIT: Sorry, didn't answer your question. It's localized, most noticeable in the legs and pecs, but was there in the back (I struggle to "feel" my back). It was totally absent from my arms which I didn't work in isolation.

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