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    Hi guys, with the help of a friend of mine i done this train, what do you guys think of it? Is that any good?

    I think the name of the exercises are all right, but i'm not so sure  [​IMG]

    week 1

    Monday - Squat 6x3 - 75%
    Wednesday - Bench 6x3 - 75%
    Friday - Deadlift 6x3 - 75%

    week 2

    Monday - Squat 4x3 80%
    Wednesday - Bench 4x3 80%
    Friday - Deadlift 4x3 80%

    week 3

    Monday - Squat 4x3 85%
    Wednesday - Bench 4x3 85%
    Friday - Deadlift 6x3 75%

    week 4

    Monday - Squat 4x3 80%
    Wednesday - Bench 4x3 80%
    Friday - Deadlift 3x3 85%

    week 5

    Monday - Squat 3x3 90%
    Wednesday - Bench 3x3 90%
    Friday - Deadlift 4x3 80%

    week 6

    Monday - Squat 6x3 70%
    Wednesday - Bench 6x3 70%
    Friday - Deadlift 3x3 90%

    Leg Press
    Leg Extensions
    Lying Leg Curls
    Standing Barbell Calf Raise

    Dumbbell Shoulder Press
    Front Dumbbell Raise
    Power Partials
    Reverse Flyes
    Alternate Hammer Curl
    Barbell Curl
    Concentration Curls

    Incline Dumbbell Press
    Dumbbell Flyes
    Straight-Arm Dumbbell Pullover
    Close-Grip Bench Press

    Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown
    Bent Over Barbell Row
    One-Arm Dumbbell Row
    Seated Cable Rows
    Dumbbell Shrug
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    tuesday is re-working muscles to begin with. There's a LOT of rowing on friday.
  3. Aaron_F

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  4. quadancer

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    Because tuesday is working some muscles that just got hit the day before.
    As for rows, I'm not saying it's TOO much, just plenty of work there when things get heavy. I'm doing this myself from the "Old Grey" routine:
    Pull Ups
    Chin Ups
    Front Pull Downs
    Curl Movement
    As it gets to be too much, as it will later, I'll drop off a couple things.
  5. Everyone is different so this workout might just be fine for you, but to me it seems like a great example of overtraining workout. Besides that it sounds to me far too complicated, too many exercises to keep track of weight increments, too long loading, racking... Is there are point to so many different exercises that I am missing?
  6. Nildo

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    Now it's right... i'd posted it wrong [​IMG]

    Ps: yeah, it's a little bit long... i'll do it for 1 week and see the time it takes

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