Pre and Post Workout Shakes

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  1. Outie

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    Hey guys here are a couple of questions:

    1. I am going to get my Primer / Driver protien tubs in today and was looking for some suggestions on what exactly i should / shouldn't do. I am also going to start taking creatine (Pure creatine monohydrate) tomorrow and was wondering if I could, or if it where wise to, mix it with my pre workout shake? Or should I just take the creatine in some powerade then after drink the Primer before workout.

    -Just so you know I workout at 5:30am so the primer will be the first thing in the stomache, hence the reason I bought it.

    2. Another thing is a terminiology question I have read people talking about PWO, PO shakes. How can you tell the diffrence between Pre and Post with these abbreviations?


  2. Yes, you can mix the creatine in your Pre WO shake.
  3. Nemesis7884

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    pre workout + is that exercise increases creatin uptake, drawback is that creatine can make you feel sick during could also take it post workout when u usally consume more simple carbs that may also help with uptake

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