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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by TempeRegiment, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. TempeRegiment

    TempeRegiment New Member

    I've tried HST before, but I was not particularly strong enough to really get into it physically. So, I'm trying to just get my strength up to the point where I can lift a decent amount of weight before getting into the whole hypertrophy thing. My legs have pretty much always been pretty weak, so that's what I'll probably be focusing on.

    I injured my back in mid-January, so I cannot do too much for my mid- and upper-back.

    Date: 2/22/2015
    Leg Raises:
    2s10r - body weight (bw)
    Standing Leg Extensions:
    2s20r - bw
    Treadmill (Walking, Jogging):
    15 minutes, 0% incline
    Leg Presses:
    2s25r - 80 lbs
    Calf Raises:
    2s10r - 30 lbs
    Incline Bench Presses:
    1s10r - 40 lbs
    Close-Grip Bench Presses:
    1s10r - 20 lbs
    Inverted EZ-Bar Curls:
    2s10r - 20 lbs

    I plan on incorporating more leg exercises without weights and working my way up to doing deadlifts and squats. And of course I'll be working up to performing pulling exercises as my back gets better.
  2. TangoDown

    TangoDown Member

    Is there anything you can do for back? Do overhead exercises like pullups or lat pulldowns aggravate the injury?
  3. TempeRegiment

    TempeRegiment New Member

    I have yet to try anything for my back, though I should definitely do some lower back exercises. I've been worried about aggravating the injury, but I could try some heavily assisted pull-ups to see how it affects my back.
  4. TangoDown

    TangoDown Member

    Yeah, I would recommend you throw in something for the mid/upper back because it wouldn't be wise to neglect your back. In fact, strengthening your back will have a positive effect in mitigating pain and weakness due to your injury.

    Is it a herniation?
  5. Lol

    Lol Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hey TempeRegiment. Welcome aboard. All the best with your back injury rehab. Once it's sorted, you might like to have a read through the Simplify & Win thread, if you haven't done so already. At your stage in the game, you'd do well to pursue a linear progression until you stall out. Use a range of compound lifts, such as squats, deads, bench/dips, rows/chins and presses. Work on your form in these key movements each time you lift. Eat and sleep well. If you are hoping to gain weight, aim to add at least a couple of pounds to your bodyweight each month through a surplus of calories.

    Just a passing thought: when logging, you may want to record your lifts as sets x reps x load (or load x reps x sets; or load/set 1 reps, set 2 reps).
    Eg. for your curls, you could notate it like this:
    2 x 10 x 20lbs
    Entirely up to you but it'll make for easier reading. :)

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