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  1. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    Well, I have been busy recently, but I actually took part in a small competition in the weekend.
    First time I have done a full lift since 2002, but it went together relatively well. I only wore gear (other than belt) on the bench, and that didnt work as nicely as I would have hoped
    I ended the day with 5lifts outa 9, a 215kg squat, a 190kg bench and 250kg deadlift, for 655kg total.
    i have a few pictures here
    My Webpage
    with a bit of a meet report.
    I am going to be busy over hte next fortnight or so trying to get my thesis finsihed, so I may not be around as often. Depending on how bored I am in the middle of the night (3.10am now) when trying to write.
  2. jkismul

    jkismul New Member

    You're strong.
  3. thedrivethruguy

    thedrivethruguy New Member

    ....really strong
  4. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    no Im not
  5. stronger than you....if you count my pounds as kilograms.... ;) good show im sure ull blow those away next time

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