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  1. Hello all,

    I am not new to training, but I do feel that I am not performing some workouts correctly. I am looking for resources be it online or books that describe detailed proper techniques.

    Most resources have quick how-to description or pictures to follow, but they do not go into proper details to maximize your workout.

    Anyone aware of such resources?
  2. has some good movies with good form representatives, but not all show the greatest execution.
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  4. I am aware of website, but it is yet another site that shows quick demo and two liners of how to perform a move. For example, look at their bent over rows or bench press. Simply doing the motion does not mean doing it right. They do not talk about how to perform proper form at all.
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    hey Fadi
    try this site:

    it's kinda written for girls but Exercise form is exercise form, and Krista (the writer) has hit the nail on the head for good form descriptions

    it's a little more descriptive than, although alot less exercises are represented
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    Check out They have some videos of how to perform many movements.
  7. Thanks Rakki :) she has good information.

    Thanks all for your input!
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    No Probs [​IMG]
  9. Just get the bible: 'The Insider's Tell-All Handbook on Weight-Training Technique' by Stuart McRobert.
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    If that is the one that describes the 30 exercises, I would recommend the same thing. He writes a couple of pages about proper form and the flexibility required to complete each exercise and then some alternatives. A very good resource.
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    As someone working in the biomechanics / rehab field, I couldn't recommend this any more highly.
    Another recommendation would be Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe - best coverage of bench, squat, deadlift, and clean I have ever seen (200 pages, 4 exercise - you do the math :D )
  13. Thanks guys, I ordered both books :)

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