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  1. CardTopper

    CardTopper New Member

    I am just curious how much everyone on here tries to consume. I have seen several different "rules" for protein.

    Please post your amount of protein grams you try to comsume and your weight.

    I currently weight about 212 and have been getting around 225-250 grams of protein in the first 24 hours after my workout. The next 24 hours is closer to 200 grams.

    How does that sound? Not high enough, then how much. Should it be concistant everyday or higher the first 24 hours after WO?
  2. CardTopper

    CardTopper New Member

    I have been getting closer to 250 grams the last week or so. Just wondering what everyone else aims for in relation to their weight?
  3. Lance

    Lance New Member

    I aim for 1 g/lb of bodyweight. The first time i started dieting i used Max-OT's plan. It was like 50% protein,35% carbs, 15% fats i believe. Well, i was eating 415g protein a day. Tell you what, i was pooping my brains out, i hated meat, and i became miserable basically. Still made gains though, probably from all the extra calories.

    I then did Arnold's diet plans. You know, alot of meat, cheese, milk, and small amount of carbs. Not low carbing it, but just small in relation to fats and protein. I gained better actually with the less protein and everything, and really started to cut up too.

    Then i did HST's diet with their program. The less protein (1g/lb) and extra carbs felt fantastic. It was much easier to stomach. Well, in my first HST cycle at 3500 calories at 195lbs, i bulked up to 215 in 4 weeks. Then i hurt my back doing yard work, and got sick, and went back down to 200lbs. But the fact is, i gained way better this way AND enjoyed it much more.

    SO ... i do 1g/lb. Simple enough.
  4. Nemesis7884

    Nemesis7884 New Member

    this really depends where do you set your goal...fat loss, muscle building well as if you take advantage of the use of steroids (steroids = higher protein synthesis = more protein maybe beneficial)

    read bryans article about it, he writes everything necessary...even some missbelieves about protein (look in section: articles)

    in my opinion for bulking, id suggest 1.5-2g protein per kg bodywheight (without roids) and up to 3g with roids

    my actual macronutrition split is like: 50 % carbs, 30 % protein and 20 % fat (since iam using ph's right now and get betther results if i dont carb to high)

    its also a question of personal genetic...

    for cutting id suggest to cut down on carbs...i dont go that low because i just cant eat meat and eggs all day :)

    usually for cuttin I use something like 30 % carbs, 35 % protein, 35 % fat which works good for me...
  5. CardTopper

    CardTopper New Member

    I am trying to use HST for size and don't use roids.

    I have read the articles before. They are just kind of hard to follow and retain. I actually have them printed and am going to look over them again.

    You said, "my actual macronutrition split is like: 50 % carbs, 30 % protein and 20 % fat". Earlier, you said you recommend 1.5 - 2.0 grams of protein per pound.

    So if you take the average of that (1.75) and multiply it by bodyweight (215) you get approx. 376 grams of protein per day. And that should make up 30% of your diet (with carbs being 50% and fat 20%) right?

    How in the world are you able to get that much protein. It takes everything I can do to get over 200.

    If I am getting the protein grams close to my bodyweight (ie 215 grams per day) will I basically be maintaining or will it contribute to growth at all?

    Should my protein levels decrease any on off days?
  6. I eat about 200 to 250 grams a day, and I weigh only 161.

    Lots of tuna, 2 cans a day 64 grams, 3 cups cottage cheese 84 grams, Kashi Cereal with milk in am, 20 grams, 2 shakes per day, 44 grams. Plus whatever is in my dinner, usually chicken or fish and then a peanut butter sandwich and 2 cups milk before bed. I eat about 2500 to 2700 Cals per day and 40 to 50% is protein, 20% fat, 30 to 40% carbs.
  7. restless

    restless New Member

    That is plenty.

    I eat 200 gr at 190 pounds. Probably could be using a bit more since I'm on a AAS cycle.
  8. CardTopper

    CardTopper New Member

    I usually eat a protein bar for breakfast (24g), have a shake on the way to work (23G), have some type of snakc around 9:30 (23G), lunch (50-60G), snack (23G), Dinner (50-60G), double shake right before workout (46G), and ahuge combination shake after my WO (75G) = 315ish. THat is higher than I usually get, but I try to do something along these lines if possible. However, it is very hard for me to get this and I dn't see how I can cram anything else in.

    Do you let your protein levels fluctuate at all? By this I mean that currently I consume less protein the second day after my workout.

    I have a solid dinner, shake, workout, huge shake, snack during nighttime when I wake-up (I usually wake 3-4 times per night), and then do the above except for the huge combo shake part. After 24 hours I let my protein intake slip a little.

    Is this wise? I am under the impression that the body won't be needing as much protein after 24 hours. So I am just trying to prevent adde fat and wasted money.

    Everyone's thoughts please
  9. Mindwraith

    Mindwraith New Member

    I weigh 198.

    I would say my lean mass is 180 (I hope)

    I stick around 180 when cutting on HST days.

    I stick around 120-140 when cutting on off/aerobic days.

    I stick around 200 when bulking on all days.
  10. CardTopper

    CardTopper New Member

    Besides diet what elsedo you do different when cutting?
  11. Mindwraith

    Mindwraith New Member

    Absolutely nothing. I train exactly the same.

    Same HST days Sun Tues Thurs, and Aerobic days on Mon and Wed. I also do the before and after protein on Aerobic days, except I tend to only do one scoop if I'm cutting.

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