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Started back again, after my 5x5 cycle and a 16-day SD, the last 3 days doing heavy labor at work.
Weighed in at 208, down from 212 16 days prior.

Squats 135 x 15 x 2
Pullups, BW x 15 +20 x 15
Wide Dips +20 x 15 x 2
Shrugz 260 x 15 x 2
Deads 205 x 15 x 2
Triceps and Biceps, 2 sets each x 15, explosive & light.

My alternates will be
Flat DB Press alt. for dips
T-bar Row alt. for Pullups
Overhead Press alt. for Arm Iso's - I'm not sure how I'll be doing the overhead presses. (DB's or Bar, wide or narrow.)

As I go, I'll stop doing deads and squats together too. I was going to do more exersizes, but this workout kicked my butt with light weights well enough to tell me to cool it and see how the next one goes.
Alright! This will be a great log I can tell.

Deadlifts and shrugs on the same day seems a little redundant. Everyone is slightly different, but I find deadlifting alone to be plenty of work for my trapezius...that is all I have done for them and they are easily the best part of my back. It might just be me though, I have a long torso and my traps have to pull alot during the deadlift.

One thing I have learned is that certain bodytypes respond differently to the same exercise.

My only criticism is the fact that you are alternating overhead press and arm iso's....doesn't make any sense to me. Why not just do both? Or with all the dips and overhead pressing, just do biceps and overhead pressing every workout and skip triceps?
Okay, here's the deal. I just finished a 5x5 and my conditioning sux now. The 15 rep deads I had to start bouncing in the last reps. The squats were a quad burner, and I've done much heavier 20rep sets before. So this heavy load is for conditioning while in the 15's. When I start overtaxing on stuff, I'll be cutting out some of it. Like shrugs will be last, and if I feel up to it. And you're right; they should be on squat day.

I have pretty good arms and they don't respond to continuous work. I'm stronger now than before, so I expect to get into more load by way of weight, so the arms will get plenty of work just doing them every other workout. With the rotator problems I'll be keeping the delt work down by alternating.

All in all, I think I'm keeping a low amount of exersizes with yet enough to cover all my bases, and go heavy in the fives. I want to come into the fives like a bull, and go for 3's at the end of that. I'm not sure if I'll go linear with any of this cycle or not; haven't thought it out that far and probably should go by the way I feel, CNS-wise.
cool deal...
You and I both finished strength cycles recently and are just starting up fresh HST cycles. Hopefully with our new strength, we will both blow up on HST!

You are really tuned into your training and I bet you will have great results. Good luck.
Good heavens, high rep squats and deadlifts in the same workout? I guess I'm just a wuss.

Good to see you posting a log big guy. Did you plan a 16 day SD?
Welcome to log-land....it's about time you kept one, big dog!

Along with what sci said, my only critique would be shrugs & deads in the same w/o, especially when you start going heavy....not necessarily b/c of cns issues (although that may very well be), but because of your history of back problems. I don't necessarily think doing shrugs on leg day is a much better alternative because, again, I worry about that trick back 'o yours!

On the lighter weeks, this is a non-issue, but on the heavy weeks, I think it is.

If you're doing a 3-day split, you could always alternate squats, deads & shrugs on three separate days.
Sci: Reaally nice pic for the avatar! Looks good, artistic! (you competing with Tot?)

Leige: NO!!! 14 days was expected, but had to do some deck repairs one day, and had a 3-story siding job to do on one side of a house the next two days. Those ladders wear you out when you're on the countdown side of 50!

Slaps: my back is getting better, slowly, I think from adding in abwork and sumo deads. They work the back, but not kill it. I'm not sure yet exactly what fails when I hit a dead max, but usually if I can get it more than two inches up, it's mine.

I won't be posting a daily boring set and rep type log, but will use it to discuss issues that pertain to what I'm doing and take suggestions from you pro's. I'll post things like changes, and rep maxes and the philosophical stuff, reasoning and such.
Otherwise, logs bore me.
<div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Slaps: my back is getting better, slowly, I think from adding in abwork and sumo deads. They work the back, but not kill it. I'm not sure yet exactly what fails when I hit a dead max, but usually if I can get it more than two inches up, it's mine.</div>

Good 2 hear your lower back getting stronger; certainly, hyperextensions &amp; good mornings have helped mine!
I had not been doing the rotator exersizes during the deload and got back to them last night. Right shoulder hurt like heck; I shouldn't have let myself stop, but I've been busy. I'm wondering if I should continue the overhead presses - I'll cut them out if I get into any pains.
deads and squats you are a glutten for punishment

im curious which rotator exercise have you chosen to do?i have had a bad shoulder since christmas,its just starting to ease out,ive added some rotator work.i do the one where you lift the dumbell from a side lateral position to an &quot;L&quot; position,if that makes any sense.

cheers lcars.
I'm using the 7-minute rotator cuff solution - before SD I had just gotten to step 4 where you do the standing L raises after doing the lying L and straightarm rotation lifts. This time, when I went to do the standing L on my right arm, it just couldn't do it.
BTW, I'm getting my pole back out and starting the 50-rep &quot;flipovers&quot; (for lack of a description) that we learned in DC's column. I couldn't even do 50 when I tried them; had to cluster into about 3 sets. They say that those will cure any shoulder problem, but we'll see.
I'm just doing the deads and squats together for the start of my cycle. The purpose of this cycle is to get into condition as well as hypertrophy, so when they start to overload me, I'll drop the deads to once a week, and use a light squat for warmups on that day, aka the 5x5 program. I want to keep the squats more than deads because of my joint stiffness; I've already proved that I can get heavy with deads and don't want to rush it with them.

the flip overs you speak of is how i injured my shoulder in the first place
i must have done them with my hands too close together without stretching first.its taken months to heal as ive been training through it.

anyway good luck with the cycle.
Of all the rotten luck. We finally began winning some bids and found work, but the job I'm on now has me leaving earlier than I can get up and work out in, and getting home after 10-12 hour days just exhausted. This will go on for a couple weeks, and I'm four days overdue for my 3rd workout now.
I tried to get to a local yuppie gym, but everytime I want to sneak off, the phone rings, my crew is screwing something up, or a meeting comes up with the owners and I can't get away. I'm pissed.
Too many fires and just one fireman.
I know the feeling - hard to hit the weights sometimes after working some serious hours. The funny thing is how you often feel better after the workout if you make yourself do it regardless of how tired you are beforehand.
Yeah, I'm actually thankful for the work. What's probably wearing me out most is the stress of things, like my partner wanting to restructure our business (that will undoubtably mean more money for him, less for me) now that we'll have some serious cash coming in. But as junior partner, and our corporation is just a paper corp. with no charter, I have no say in these things. I'm thinking of drawing up a charter and proposing it. All he can do is say no.
It's 8:00pm and I'm slammed. If I were just ten years younger, a workout would be no problem, or not as much. I'll be doing good to do the rotators.
After I wrote that, I went down a new path of logic.
Surely, I can squeeze out ONE exersize at least, every night? Adding the principle of simplicity, the big four came into mind. Or something similar.
I decided that the old 'one part a day' workout was of value here in the pursuit of sparing hard-earned muscle. II've always felt that any workout is better than no workout. And since it's only once or twice a week at most, failure training has it's merits, so at 9:00 I went into my gym and did:
Deads, 350x15x2 - very near failure after five days overdue for my 3rd workout of the cycle. I just added in the weight as if I'd not missed any, plus another ten lbs.

Shrugs, 290x15x2 - deads don't work my traps and this was a good time to make sure they got hit hard.

I'll try to hit something every day. Haven't decided how many exersizes I'll use: probably six.
The only question this leaves is when I finish this project in two weeks, what to do then?
I hate when I have to train late also. I would just do one work set if I were you. I'd keep doing full body A&amp;B 3x a week i.e., deads, bench, row, just do only one work set with 3 exercises. You said it's only for a few weeks. With what you're pulling I'd cut deadlifts to once a week. And 2x12 of deads @ 350 is killer.
Oh dang. I got those two backwards. The SHRUGS were 350, not deads. See what I mean about being tired?
But obviously, since I got two exersizes done I may be able to implement your suggestion; although I don't understand what type of split you're suggesting. And I couldn't even do one exersize last night; here it is Saturday and I have to go back in again.
I sure hope this job pays off well!
I think 1 set would be sufficient, too, quad, especially while your day job is this demanding. If you look at the big picture, I know you want to do an extended cycle. I think multiple sets will cause you to need a SD long b/4 you're ready....at least while your day job is this busy. If you slow down some, you can always add sets, but I'd keep it at one right now.