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Discussion in 'Commercial Equipment' started by Siskin#55, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Siskin#55

    Siskin#55 New Member

    Hey friends,
    The rehabilitation hospital that sponsers the Basketball Team I play for has recently opened a fitness gym. They have QUANTUM machines and some free weights. So i took a tour today.

    I asked the girl on staff if Quantum was in the same "ballpark" as HammerStrength and she said, with much enthusiasm, "better, much better". She said the guy that designed them came down and talked to the administrators and they were sold on 'em.

    They have some cable pulley models that are also designed for wheelchair use. You can simply roll up to the cable machine and workout.

    Has anyone used this brand?
    Are they really better than HammerStrength?

    ** maybe i would use a machine for some isolation exercises down the road, but i still prefer freeweights.

  2. Peak_Power

    Peak_Power New Member

    Haha as if she's going to say "no, there's not as good as hammerstrength". She's probably never even heard of Hammerstrength!
  3. the_dark_master

    the_dark_master New Member

    The only person who can answer this, is you. Have you tried them yourself? If not, why not? (then give us your opinion)
    One important point though - if you're lifting heavy, can your wheelchair take the load?

    Best of luck


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