Quest bars - Fraud??


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I've been consuming quest bars for a couple months now. Some of you may have seen these bars at GNC or the Vitamin Shop - they have been filling entire bookshelves full of them and they seem to be a very big success. I recently noticed something quite disturbing though. In the attached picture, you'll see they claim the bar is only 160 calories. However, they also say it's 5g of fat, 20g of protein and 25g of carbs. Since 1g of fat is 9 cal, and 1g of protein or of carbs is 4 cal, that would imply a total of 5x9 + 20x4 + 25x4 = 225 calories, much higher than the 160 they claim. Am I missing something here?quest.jpg
They are subtracting the calories from the fiber and sugar alcohols it looks like.

Just so you know, getting too many sugar alcohols can cause diarrhea of the explosive variety.
That would be 17+6=23g, which would be 23x4=92 calories. But the difference between their stated calories and the calories I calculate is only 65. So maybe they are only subtracting a portion - who knows. Is it fair for them to do that? When I eat these bars, should I assume I'm consuming 160 calories or 225 calories?
Mine are made from:

400g oats,
4 scoops of Banana whey,
300ml's milk,
200g peanuts butter,
Dash of Cinamon,
Bit of maple syrup (add to taste)

Fridge over night so set and cut into 12 bars.

It's time I indeed a mixed bag of nuts and fruit (berries) and I must say they give it a bit more texture and the berries make them less dry.

I'm sure there's a receipt thread around here somewhere too if you look for it.