Question for veteran lifters only (2 or more yrs)

Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by Omega_man, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. Zack

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    Won't add any advices, as there are lots of people doing that already.

    For bodybuilding purposes, HST is the best protocol I've come across.

    Used it for close to 2 years, and added good muscle during that time.

    Now being back in powerlifting, a lot of the HST approach is still with me, although I train completely different.
  2. liegelord

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    I've done the following for a year now MWF:

    A: squats, bench, bent rows, standing press, shrugs
    B: deadlifts, weighted dips, weighted chins, standing press, shrugs

    I may do 1-2 sets for bi's and tri's, though for this cycle I haven't.
  3. Smee

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    dang Jester ! I'm just a lurker here, but you gone ruined any possible friendship with that. [​IMG]
    I logged on to re-read some of the posts, cause my calves are lagging :mad: . Have your calves always been easy to grow or do you have some secrets other than the higher rep / very heavy / pause at the bottom / higer frequency advice ?
  4. bodyguard

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    12 years lifting and started HST in 2002
    Never bored with with HST

    I prefer abbreviated workouts like as:
    squat (1-2 x a week)
    some arm work

  5. Bryan Haycock

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    (Omega_man @ Dec. 06 2005,22:36)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Hello veteran lifters ,
    I have been looking over your web site &amp; must say, I am impressed with what I have read so far. What I would like to know is, who here used to lift using the conventional splits, etc.. and changed to HST. Have you found that HST is able to yield consistent results cycle after cycle, where other methods always resulted in an eventual plateau. I, like many, constantly run up against plateaus. From what I have read, HST looks like it may be able to avoid this &amp; experience gains on an ongoing basis.
    HST believer</div>
    I don't know if my answer counts, but I have done every conceivable routine from 1978 to about 2000. After that I have used HST principles exclusively.

    I can only second what others have said, the research and the results that follow tell me HST is on the right track for size.

    I must also admit to what others have said about reaching your natural limits. There comes a time when your genes (test, GH, IGF-1, Myostatin, etc) will only support so much size. When that occurs, growth will slow until it stops.

    I've got a calculator on this site somewhere that will tell you how big you can get without steroids (basically a regresion equation) but I can never remember the url... If anybody remembers please let me know. ;)
  6. dkm1987

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  7. <div>
    (jvroig @ Dec. 08 2005,06:35)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">&quot;nobody really knows how muscle grows&quot;... but now, thanks to modern research, we do.</div>
    easy big boy [​IMG] we are not there yet. We are much further than several years ago, but there is a LONG way to go. HST is simply the start and the only theory and practice that I am aware of based on real science and not muscle mags.

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