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  1. First of all, I would like to say that this board is great. I have learned a lot since my relatively recent introduction here. Generally, everyone seems to be mature and there are a lot of people here that are very helpful and knowledgeble while being open to new ideas. I look forward to being part of this community as I try out HST.

    I am currently in the middle of my 10s and i have some questions regarding the flexibility of the program.

    From my understanding, HST describes a program that is based on principles of frequency, increasing load, and strategic deconditioning. Through reading tons of board posts, there are numerous training plans which illustrate these principles that people are using. From what I gathered, I figured a plan for myself from what seemed to be the standard. It consists of:

    3x per week, MWF

    dumbbell press
    rows (isolation) (machine)
    lat pulldown (isolation) (machine)
    lateral raise (machine)
    dumbbell hammer bicep curl
    skull crushers/rope pulldown (alternating to hit all tricep heads)
    leg press (bad back, cant do squats) (machine)
    leg extension (machine)
    leg curl (machine)
    calf raise (machine)
    abs (non-HST)

    any suggestions here?

    I found my maxes then rested for a week

    For the 15s, I did 1 x 15, increasing 5% each time up to 15rm. I felt like such a wuss during this part.

    For the 10s, I started with my 15rm due to the fact that I felt like such a wuss with the 15s. I read in a post somewhere that you could do this and just do each of the weights twice, increasing 5% after 2 workouts up to 10rm to avoid zig-zagging.

    I have just completed the third workout for the 10s and it has raised some questions.

    1) Is there any restriction on the volume? From what I understand, volume is supposed to be fairly consistent. So, I planned 1x15, 2x10, then 4x5 to come up with respective volumes of 15, 20, and 20. During my last workoug I found that on some exercises, I hit failure on the second set. However, during the previous workout, I thought it was really easy so I figure I just had a bad day. This raises another question.

    2) How do you deal with bad days? Should you just cut the volume down for that day? The load increase since the previous workout was only 5%.

    3) What do I do if I am hitting failure before my planned volume is completed? I am having trouble with my bicep exercises which I suspect is due to the lack of specific weight increments. It is the only thing that I don't feel has increased in strength.

    4) When it is time to hit the 5s, should I try to split the workout and go for 6x per week? I am thinking that 4 sets per exercise would tire me out and take a long time. Also, is it better to split the actual exercises that I do, or split the sets (maybe adding some volume)?

    5) For the 5s, would you guys advise that I stick to my original 5% increase each workout, or is it okay to do what I did for the 10s to avoid the zig-zag.

    6) Final question. Should I adjust load or volume depending on soreness? I read somewhere that you should feel at least a little sore after each workout.

    If anyone could shed some light on some of these questions, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. I agree :D

    We are glad to have ya [​IMG]

    1. Volume doesn't have to be consistent. Look in the faq "How many seta and how to determine it" notice Bryan recommends dropping from 2 sets to 1 during the second week of 10's and 5's. Volume can be consistent though and many, including myself do cluster reps to maintain a consistent approach to volume, taking that variable out of the equation. The main idea is to create enough of a stimulus to get growth signalling kicked off, this can be done on the first, so that first set is more important(in a matter of speaking) than the following. If you hit your reps on the first then it is don't that necessary to hit then on the following, as in 15, 10, 8 for the threee sets of 15's (if you are doing three).

    2. Never adjust your load down, see 1. for the rest.

    3. See no. 1

    4. See optimizing HST in the FAQ, Bryan and Blade spell out an AM/PM split and how to do it.

    5. Either way, there is nothing credibly indicating that to not zig zag is any more beneficial than to zig zag. I don't because I am anal and prefer not to. See the FAQ "Zig Zagging or undulating Loads"

    6. Load can only be adjusting very rarely, remember your strength dictates load more than anything else. Volume can upped to increase soreness. But soreness isn't necessarily a predictive of the growth stimulus. In the FAQ "How many sets and how to determine it" Bryan makes this comment

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