Quick Q. about 5s/neg workouts

Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by Louno, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. Louno

    Louno New Member

    Hi, i just started my neg, i did my 2 weeks of 5s before.

    I need to decide if i should go or not to the gym tonight, hope i get some answers before 6pm anyways...
    i did my first negatives workout and im pretty sore , i should be going to the gym today, but i was wondering if its ok to take an extra day of rest ?

    i did take 2 extra days of rest during the 5s already, not because i was sore or tired, ( i was just a little sore sometimes) but because i was out of town once and couldnt go to the gym ( went the next day ) and the second time i had to be with my girlfriend cuz something really bad happened ( and i went to the gym the next day )

    On one hand i want to go and i would, but im a bit tired + sore, i know im not going to be able to give my 100% at the gym knowing that last workout was hard, i was thinking using the same weights if i go today and do my best, i dunno maybe once im there ill be able to perform just as good as i did last workout... but right now i feel like sleeping :)

    So whats best to do ? go and do my best ? or take an extra day of rest and continu tomorrow ? Im not lazy ill go if u tell me its best for my muscle !
  2. Old and Grey

    Old and Grey Super Moderator Staff Member

    Two weeks from now your body won't know if you took the day off or not.

    Rest up and get mentally prepared to rip those weights a new a$$hole tomorrow.
  3. vicious

    vicious New Member

    What the Original & Gangsta said. ;)

  4. Louno

    Louno New Member

    thanks, guys, i was feeling kinda down when i wrote this and was almost falling at sleep at work, so i drank 3 strong expresso and now im feeling good i think i might go right after work even if im sore, cant stop shaking my legs hehe, ill take that 1 extra day of rest sunday instead depending on how im feeling.
  5. vicious

    vicious New Member

    You sure you're eating enough BTW?

  6. skinnyman

    skinnyman New Member

    i got a question too about negs...
    how many sets do you have to do anyway? :D i've never tried negs before and this cycle i'm planning to do negs on the exercises that i can.
    thanks in advance [​IMG]
  7. Louno

    Louno New Member

    Yeah im eating enough, maybe i could eat more but im eating over maintenance for sure.

    i was wondering instead of going to the gym if you need to skip, should you be doing some pushups and stuff at home just like one set of a few things just to keep ure muscles away from atrophy ? or is it useless and just go the next day to the gym ?

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