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  1. What is the best program for developing strength not using straps, wraps, suits or shirts? I currently use something like Mentzer's HIT for strength training. I do 1 set to failure for each exercise and work upper body twice a week and lower body once a week. I usually make pretty good gains on this (something around 5lbs for legs and back per workout and 5lbs every 3 workouts for chest and shoulders), but I get burned out pretty quick. My dad recommends doing 2 warmup sets then doing two 5rep sets one with 10lbs below 5RM and then one 5RM set, then a double with 10lbs more and then singles with 10lbs more than that and progressing on up by 10lbs until the weight can't be lifted. Does this sound good or is there something better that you guys recommend?
  2. Aaron_F

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    A periodized program works better than a non-periodized HIT style program.

    If it is working for you, just keep with what works. But if you keep buring out, change to a lower intensity (Weight not perception) for some of the sessions to allow a frequent high training load without wearing you out.
  3. Thanks [​IMG] I'll try it out.
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    what kind of periodization would you suggest for a beginner?
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    A basic linear periodized program (similar to coan used) is always a good start, because it allows plenty of reps early on to learn the movements better, an then progressive increases intensity until you get to a maximum.

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